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Published on October 15th, 2015 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Zhang Xiao Yu Hole

Review of the Zhang Xiao Yu Hole Rubber Rod

Summary: A simply incredible toy that is loved by all who try it, the ZXY toy is on my list of the ten best onaholes around.


Great Buy

The previously reviewed Maria Ozawa Hole is one of the most popular onaholes ever sold to international audiences. A lot of that probably has to do with the fact that Maria Ozawa is one of the most famous Japanese AV idols to ever exist but that is not the only reason. The “Meiki” onahole series that the Ozawa Hole belongs to has gained a good reputation and with good reason. The proof of that is the popularity of the Zhang Xiao Yu Hole under review today. It has received consistently high user reviews for years and as I’ll go on to explain they are all well deserved.

The so-called ZXY Hole is the fifth generation from Meiki line. It is based on the sexy Chinese nude model Zhang Xiao Yu (aka Choo Shuu U) who is pictured all over the oversized box. It even comes with a small bottle of lube formulated to simulate Zhang Xiao Yu’s natural fluids.

One of the great things about Japanese sex toy manufacturers is that they are constantly innovating. Each toy builds on the last so that there are always new things to try. Unlike the one piece Ozawa Hole, the newer ZXY Hole has two layers. This makes it more realistic looking with the inside being a different color than the outside but more importantly it allows for the use of different materials. Some say that dual layer toys are less durable since the layers can separate but in my many uses of plastic fuck toys I have only rarely encountered that problem. I think the use of additional materials more than makes up for the chance of layers separating. Besides one piece holes can and do rip all the time. That seems less likely with layers.

Zhang Xiao Yu chinese nude model pocket pussy

The Zhang Xiao Yu Hole comes packaged in a high quality plastic zipper lock bag. It is served up on a clear plastic tray that holds the toy and the lube that comes with it. There isn’t too much more to the packaging which is perfectly fine for me. There’s nothing wrong with having less suspicious junk to throw away, especially if you live with someone.

The ZXY toy is big and solid. It has a heavier and more uniform feel than the wobbly Maria Ozawa toy. Some attempt was made to make it look like a genuine mons venus and a bellybutton is even included though obviously aren’t to scale. Otherwise it has a realistic outer appearance with accurate looking pussy lips and a hole that you can open up and peer into. There is an autograph indented into the toy and small NPG logo branded on the side but otherwise the fleshy exterior looks like real skin and has the right color.

Inside the toy has plenty of serious nobs, prominent ribs and other small protruding shapes. Because of the big realistic pussy hole opening it is very easy to lube and quiet when in use. When nice and wet each odd and end inside the love tunnel comes into its own. You can clearly feel every bit which produces great sensations without overwhelming you.

The ZXY toy is one of a few that feels best when used right side up so you don’t have to twist and turn it to find the right stroking angle. It feels good otherwise too. You can produce at least four different feelings but spinning it around but plane old clit-side up missionary wins out in my opinion. Doggy style is a close second as the small molded butt cheeks come into play and help produce a very nice feeling.

The toy is very solid and well engineered so I doubt anyone will have problems going through the side of end of the toy no matter how hard they pump, unless of course they are hung like an Asian elephant in which case no toy will hold them back.

Because the toy is so well put together it is easy to use with one hand. That can’t be said about many of the cheaper flimsier toys out there. It helps to have a dry hand free if you want to add more lube, grab a towel or browse through online porn with a mouse or touch screen. Trying to get thick Japanese lube off of electronics is a nightmare. Trust me.

ZXY chinese model ona hole review

The Zhang Xiao Yu is a great toy for hand play then but it is also excellent when coupled with a sex doll. When used an an insert it produces a realistic sensation. It is soft and makes little noise. When you go at it nice and slow you might even forget that you’re humping an inanimate object. You can go nice and deep and hit it from all directions but here too missionary seems to be the best.

Best of all the supplied ZXY lube matches perfectly with the toy. It combines to produce the next best thing to banging her in person. Sometimes the signature products are all hype or a name slapped on an otherwise generic object but in this case it is very good. The Zhang Xiao Yu onahole produces an amazing intense orgasm no matter how you use it. At times it almost impossible to keep pumping or stroking away all the way to the end because it is simply too sensational. The toy is so good that I’m getting semi hard just writing about it!

If the inclusion of this toy in my list of top 10 onaholes didn’t tell you already you can add me to the chorus of people singing the praises of this toy. It is no wonder that it is the most popular toy in the Meiki series and one of the best selling onaholes all time in foreign markets.

The Zhang Xiao Yu Hole is available at otonaJP!

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4 Responses to Review of the Zhang Xiao Yu Hole

  1. Bishop says:

    I bought this one from a Japanese webstore. Much cheaper to Europe than from USA or any other European country. Every use is a bliss and makes you feel like being worked by a blow-job star.

    • Rubber Rod says:

      Thanks for your comment. While it’s always cheapest to get a Japanese sex toy at the source in Japan, traveling there or paying for shipping can make things a lot more expensive. The best source for Japanese sex toys in Europe seems to be Omocha Dreams.

  2. Ryan says:

    I caught this on a Black Friday sale for a bargain price. I am new to onaholes, but this is one that others are judged by. I wanted to try it as a point of reference. I am impressed by the quality, and it does feel and look like a real vagina. They did a nice job with the little butt cheeks and navel. The pussy lips are exquisite, and this one is easy to enter even when not fully erect. I haven’t had access to porno lately, but the visuals of this onahole are a turn on. I am six inches, and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get all the way in when I looked at the specs. However, that was not the case, and it accommodated me easily. I prefer to use it facing me, but rotating it around is nice too. I think this will be a good one for long sessions watching porno once I get my TV back in my masturbatorium. LOL. I see why this one is highly touted, and I am glad that I have added it to my growing collection. The only thing that I would change is that it has a dog leg in the vaginal track which is by design. This makes it a bit tough to completely dry out, and you can feel it while thrusting which is the point. I may have to try the YJY to see if it is a bit more straight on it’s vaginal path. Besides its another excuse to add one more rubber pussy to the harem.

    • Rubber Rod says:

      Thanks for the comment. You lucked out finding this toy on special. It has been popular so long that the price rarely drops.

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