Male Sex Toys from Japan S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000 Hip Onahole

Published on September 11th, 2019 | by Horny Harry


S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000 by PPP Review

S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000 by PPP Review Horny Harry

Summary: A superb improvement on PPP's previous Mocchi 2000 hip masturbator. Gel pads are a nice addition.


Great Hip

The S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000 is a hip style male masturbator made by the Japanese sex toy giants, PPP. If you’re a fan of onaholes or Japanese sex toys in general, you will most likely know them and their range of products – from onaholes and cock rings to creams, lotions and dildos.

The S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000 is PPP’s successor to their popular Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 hip (ass) masturbator – Both hips are themed on a petite schoolgirl as can be seen by the lovely illustrations on the box and both posses vaginal and anal holes for you to dunk your junk in. So without further ado, let’s see what this newer updated ‘S Rank’ release can do for our erections!

S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000 Hip Onahole
S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000 Hip Onahole

The hip comes in a fairly big illustrated box starring a young girl exhibiting her ass and pussy for us to witness as she invitingly pulls her underwear within her pussy lips. Well, I’m excited. The box also features a nice colour scheme, the usual Japanese texts, and a few pictures of the hip masturbator.

The toy itself weighs in at 2kgs (hence the name ‘2000’) so it’s reasonably hefty. And that is important with a hip toy such as this.

S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000 Hip Onahole
Comes with PPP’s usual pack of free lube

It certainly looks good, although a little on the white side colour-wise. It’s shape and look emphasise that of a young girl very well. It’s pleasing to the eye. There’s are also some subtle life-like wrinkle creases around the asshole which is a great touch.

S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000 Hip Onahole
Plump and jiggly butt cheeks
Nice and inviting male sex toy
Nice moose knuckle and soft protruding lips

The toy is presented in a typical doggy style position with easy access to both holes if placed on a bed or a desk. It can also be flipped over and taken in a missionary type position with the thighs raised.

Missionary position Onahole
Both holes are easy to access in both positions

This fleshy toy also features a rather plump camel toe with some nice soft protruding flaps that are easy to penetrate once lubricated. Because it’s a somewhat big toy, a generous amount of lube is needed to prepare the hip and allow it to function at it’s stimulating optimum.

One of the main features of the S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000 is the gel filling within the buttocks which is an upgrade on the original Mocchi 2000. These gel pads really make the ass on this toy a pleasure to grope, squeeze and slap whilst you’re inside, or beforehand. It also adds some nice wobble to the masturbator when you move or shake it.

The material between the outside and the pads seems kind of shallow and feels like it could tear if you got carried away and groped too hard. I didn’t have any problems with mine, but it seems a possibility.

S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000 box
Gel-filled buttocks and multiple material layers

The pads combined with the rest of PPP’s soft and quite realistic material results in a very fun toy. You could have a fun time just playing with your hands alone.

The tunnels of this toy are also of good quality and design. The vaginal and anal canals are each made of a different material to provide a different sensation to your shaft. 

Male Masturbator by PPP
Who is she winking at?

The anal passage is a firmer and tighter material consisting of a series of bumps throughout a curved tunnel – while the pussy passage is a winding tunnel made of a series of fleshy nubs and ridges. The vaginal passage is also made from a softer material and it features a small chamber at the end that helps the suction effect and collects your baby bullets if you finish inside. Both holes feel very good and it’s great to change things up mid-session and prize apart the gel-filled ass as you penetrate it.

The S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000 is available at OtonaJP.

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