Pure Bride Idealism by Magic Eyes Review

Pure Bride Idealism Torso Male Masturbator - 1

Magic Eyes’ range of virgin-bride themed onaholes is expanding, but with a significant upgrade. Their two new full-torso masturbators, the lolinco and the more mature torso are a lot like their predecessors, although bigger, heavier and therefore more expensive. I got my hands on the Pure Bride Idealism (the maturer and curvier version).

Pure Bride Idealism Torso Male Masturbator - 1
The Pure Bride Idealism Torso Masturbator By Magic Eyes

Magic Eyes have now made many sex toys – most of them are very good, but they can sometimes miss the mark. I was happy to find that the Pure Bride Idealism onahole is most definitely not a miss. 

As always with Magic Eyes’ toys, the box features a nice illustration. This one depicts the lovely virgin bride that the toy is based upon. The box is quite big as the toy itself is an almost-life-size torso – It also has a carry handle on the top which is useful if you ever need to carry it while proudly displaying your virgin bride for the world to see.

3D Inner Skeleton Design

Open the box and you’ll find a weighty 5.8kgs of Pure Bride fun. You could actually get a decent bicep workout in if you chose to hold the toy in your hands when using.

Pure Bride Idealism Torso Male Masturbator
Nice Pink Nipples & Lips

The Pure Bride is skin coloured and is soft to touch and squeeze. It’s is not quite life-sized, more like half-sized but big enough to feel like it could be a person. She has some delightful pink nipples and vaginal lips which are pleasant to look at. The nipples are a little small, unfortunately, but big enough to fondle and lick etc.

Pure Bride Idealism Torso Male Masturbator
Shapely Tits

Her pink lips are remarkably fun to play with and spread apart and they conceal an inner chamber and the vaginal passage within. In typical Magic Eyes fashion, if you open up the lips and the small hole within the chamber, you’ll find a very visually appealing tunnel. With a deep pink colour and realistic looking set of bumps and textures, the Pure Bride Idealism looks nice and inviting once lubed up. The hole is also quite tight as per the virgin theme.

The Pure Bride Idealism posses a 15cm deep tunnel – Not great if you’re well endowed, good for an average sized penis, but a little overkill if you have a small pecker like myself.

The deep tunnel and tight hole make it a little difficult to lube up, so I found myself applying lubricant around the entrance with my finger and then lubing up my penis a little before penetrating.

Pure Bride Idealism Torso Male Masturbator
These Lips Are One of My Favourite Feature On This Toy

Once you get in, her virgin pussy feels amazing. The tunnel is somewhat difficult to describe. It’s made up of a series of fleshy bumps, lumps and protuberances in no logical pattern. Its sort of an exaggerated version of a real vagina – but boy, does it all feel good along your member.  

The pink lips, inner chamber and the tunnel itself all combine to provide one hell of a stimulating sensation. The small empty chamber enables the pink lips to fall inside the vaginal passage along with your penis which adds to the stimulation. Watching the soft pink lips engulf your cock as you ease in and out is simply mesmerizing to watch. 

Pure Bride Idealism Torso Male Masturbator
The Poor Girl Doesn’t Have An Asshole Though

The Pure Bride Idealism does not have an asshole, but that is not a deal-breaker at all with this toy. Imagine bringing your virgin bride home after the big day, laying her down on the bed gently, taking off her dress and then telling her to lube up her asshole and prepare for entry – I guess it doesn’t really follow the theme. Maybe it’s a themebut not quite what Magic Eyes are going for here. Her pussy is more than sufficient anyway. 

Cleaning the tunnel of the Pure Bride Idealism can be somewhat of a challenge considering the depth of it, so specialized cleaning equipment is probably needed here. 

Aside from the minor cleaning and lubing difficulties, this is a phenomenal torso male masturbator that provides great stimulation. If you have the money to invest and you’re looking for something that provides a more complete overall experience, then this pleasurable-providing waifu is ready to commit.

The Pure Bride Idealism is available at Otonajp

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