The Nagisa Ikuno Rouge Mouth Onahole – Review

I did not know of this Onahole until more recently but there seems to be a hype around the Nagia Ikuno Onaholes that caught my attention. There are a few in the series but the Nagisa Ikuno Rouge Mouth Onahole by Nagisa Ikuno Project seems to be the best and most desirable. Also, I will stop mentioning the maker as it confuses me a bit with the actual item name.

Nagisa Ikuno seems to be a VTuber / Idol thing in Japan. Her social media links are plastered all over the box and so essentially, you are fucking an imaginary character. Nothing new to me for sure.

I asked otonaJP already a while ago if they can send me a review copy which at the time, was not possible as it was sold out. Now, about 2 weeks ago, the time had come and I got my Nagisa Ikuno Rouge Mouth Onahole in the mail. Happy fapping ahead!

Today’s review item has been provided by and you can find the Nagisa Ikuno Rouge Mouth Onahole here.

The Package and what is in it

The Nagisa Ikuno Rouge Mouth Onahole comes in a protective blister, wrapped by a plastic bag. In addition we have not a pouch of lube but a small bottle which may get you through 3 uses. The lube here I think is the Nagisa Ikuno Fragrance lotion which is also sold separately in a large bottle but is unfortunately sold out as of the time of writing this.

The box itself is made of a quite thin cardboard, which personally I think feels a bit cheap but the plastic blister and the generous amount of lube are making up for it. After all, many people throw the packaging out anyway but I can see with an item like the Nagisa Ikuno Rouge Mouth, which is based on an Idol, that fans want to collect the box, so it would have been better to put more care into this in my opinion.

Also, just in case you haven’t realised by now, this is a blowjob Onahole, so we are in for some Oral fun today.

The Toy itself

I found the Nagisa Ikuno Rouge Mouth Onahole to be rather short, which surprised me a bit at first. At only 150mm (5.91in) in length, it is shorter than I expected it to be, also, cause it looks rather wide in this regard, making it somehow almost look like a square. Weight wise it’s 540g (1.19lbs) which is rather much for this length. BUT…..what really matters are the inner values and her blowjob skills, so lets get onto that.

On the outside, I noticed her large Nose. When I say large Nose, I mean that it is larger than those on most Blowjob Onaholes or masturbators that come with a face. It is not huge, but somehow bigger than most. Also, her face has some liver spots on them (yes, it’s not dirt on the photos) which is a nice little detail and helps resemble Nagisa Ikuno’s avatar in a better way.

I also like the look and feel of her lips, an always essential part of any blowjob if you know what I mean but enough talking about the outside. The inside of the Nagisa Ikuno Rouge Mouth Onahole has been crafted with a lot of care for detail. You kinda have two inner tunnels here with the main one being her throat obviously. In addition to that however, you can shove your Dick under her tongue, just as you could do with a real girl if she let you. While for obvious reasons this “tunnel” or space is rather small, I really liked to play with it during my sessions, switching between her throat and then putting my dick all over and under her tongue for a change of pace.

Actually this is something that I never experienced in this way before and I can surely see where the popularity of the Nagisa Ikuno Rouge Mouth Onahole comes from. While in Japan Nagisa Ikuno being somewhat known around Geeks may help, I never heard about her here in the US, so it seems that the outstanding quality of her Oral skills have earned her the top spot in many recommendation lists on forums.

I also liked the teeth which to me, do not feel as agressive as the ones of the Mouth of Truth for example which was pleasing. To be honest, the before mentioned rather shortness of the Nagisa Ikuno Rouge Mouth Onahole also did not bother me in any way, something that I did not expect by the first looks of it.

At last, let’s talk about the cleaning here. Due to the rather complicated structure, I highly recommend getting a cleaning kit or some sort of tools to clean her. You do not want to ruin your Nagisa Ikuno Rouge Mouth Onahole after perhaps weeks of wait for this highly popular item.

My Resume

Putting aside that the Nagisa Ikuno Rouge Mouth Onahole is based on a fictional character and only judging by the experience, I have to say that this is one of the best blowjob masturbators I ever enjoyed. The experience is intense and fun and the gimmick with the very realistic tunnel or chamber under her tongue is something I would not expect from a toy at this rather low price point of under $30 US.

Honestly, if anything I said today makes you feel interested, then just get the Nagisa Ikuno Rouge Mouth Onahole before it’s too late. You will not regret it.

I am giving the Nagisa Ikuno Rouge Mouth Onahole a score of 93%.

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