The Cottontail Experience Onahole – Review

This is my first review ever of a VTuber Onahole. Reason for this may be that personally I am not really into VTubing or watching their streams, which should help me to judge the whole thing here objectively.

Tama Toys is releasing Onaholes of VTubers almost on a monthly base but upon checking, most of them are quite small and not really known overseas. For talents outside Japan, I believe otonaJP is the only manufacturer right now that does those collaborations and I have seen a few of them already.

However, today it is all about The Cottontail Experience Onahole by otonaJP, based on the VTuber Cottontail. It released about a year ago or so and I have seen it pretty high up in otona’s best sellers which may also be influenced by the fact that many of her fans probably just bought it to support her. However, as mentioned, since I am not particular a fan of her or other VTuber’s, I believe I am able get a review together from an objective point of view, not from the one of a fanboy…nothing against being a fanboy :)

This review item has been provided by and you can find the The Cottontail Experience Onahole here.

The Package and what is in it

The package is dominated by a nice artwork of Cottontail which is something you would expect. Also, after doing some research, it seems that she has not used this illustration elsewhere, leading me to believe that Cottontail and otonaJP had this done specifically for this collaboration. In addition, you find some message on the box from Cottontail herself. Not bad if you are a fan of hers I would say.

In the box itself, it is just the toy and a pouch of lube. I think it is the same lube that otonaJP uses on all of their toys. It’s a good one but nothing special.

From the first look at it, the Cottontail Experience Onahole more looks like a Hip, rather than a regular shaped onahole. An interesting choice which we will talk about more later.

The Toy itself

The Cottontail Experience Onahole is quite heavy with 570g (1.26lbs) and has a length of 170mm (6.69in). As mentioned above, the overall shape is more comparable with a Hip Onahole, rather than a regular cylindrical shape one. I think keeping this in mind is a very important part of this review.

While we have two holes here, otonaJP claims that only one is usable and I can see why. Cottontail’s Bumhole is tiny and the tunnel behind it actually to small and tight to penetrate. I think it is only there for the looks and something that I personally enjoyed was rubbing my finger around it while fucking her. Mmmhhh…maybe I am just weird.

So what we really have to focus on here is her Vagina, some sentence I wish I could tell my 16 year old self I would say someday in a semi professional way ;)

The Cottontail Experience Onahole is an opened ended masturbator, which means that the tunnels will go trough the whole Onahole. So in short, everything you shoot in, comes out of the back. That has some advantages such as making it much easier to clean or being able to control the vacuum easier sometimes. It however also need some more preparation as I would recommend, not only for the Cottontail one, but for any open ended Onahole in general, to put a towel under it or have some close to you as once you shoot your Jizz in, you got to act quick.

Here you can see the holes on the back. Common for open ended Onaholes and a blessing when it comes to cleaning.

For the Cottontail Experience Onahole I put a towel flat on my bed, put the Cottontail flat on it, lubed her up pretty nice and then slided into her in a prone bone style. For me as an experienced user, it was quite obvious that this was the way to use her but from reading some reviews online, it seems not to be the way with everyone.

Nice and tight, just how I like it.

Personally I would say I am of average length and I was able to slide almost all in and enjoy her. Knowing how to use Cottontail right, gives a lot of pleasure as the internal structure is quite intense with those thick bumps. It is also one of the reasons I would rather recommend a bit more of lube with this one here.

Pretty intense internals as you can see.

Lastly, let’s talk about the cleaning here. This is a bit of a pain as the tunnel is tight but the open ended structure, the holes in the back, due help a lot to just flush things out, so I would say overall that it is not too hard if you put some effort in and after all, you would want Cottontail to be nice and clean when you want to make love to her the next time, wouldn’t you?

My Resume

The Cottontail Experience is a solid Onahole. It is big enough, is made of durable material as far as I can judge and also had no smell to it when I opened the package. Are there better Onaholes out there? Yes they are but an above average Onahole suddenly becomes awesome when you are a fan of her and probably use it during her Streams or whatever the heck she is doing.

Either way, fan of Cottontail or not, I do not think anyone is gonna be disappointed with her and she has been a good girl to me, and I am sure, she will be a good girl to you as well my friend.

I am giving The Cottontail Experience Onahole a score of 80%.

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