Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket Review

Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket

Men love tits. This is such a well-known fact, it has become a kind of comical cliché. How many times have you seen men on TV or in a movie gawping at a curvaceous beauty with massive knockers, or talking to her breasts until she interrupts and asks for eye contact? 

Why are we, heterosexual men, so obsessed with breasts? Well, the truth is, no one actually knows. It’s a unique trait among human males; you do not find the same titty-lust anywhere in the animal kingdom. Scientist have come up with many theories as to why we love tits, but they’re all just that, theories. 

What we do know for sure is that we absolutely love playing, sucking, groping, wobbling, licking and even fucking them. Hell, some men even still dream about breastfeeding. 

It was always an inevitability that adult toymakers were going to produce tit toys for men. There have been a few on the market now since the 80s; and the size and quality of breast toys available has been progressively getting better and better.

Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket
Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket Boobs by Hot Powers Japan

In this article, we are going to take a look at the current pinnacle of the Japanese-breast-toy evolution; the Zuritte Oppai Chicifueta Rocket by Hot Powers.

These are some absolutely huge tits (40cm wide and 15cm from top to bottom). They weigh a massive 4.6kgs, which is just insane for a sex toy. You can tell just by looking at them that Hot Powers have put in a lot of time, effort and planning into creating these outrageously colossal fun bags. 

They definitely look great, and the skin tone and texture is about as close to titty-reality as you can currently get. 

The box for the Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rockets tits is very basic. It’s just a cardboard box with an illustrated card inside that gives some basic information about the tits in Japanese and the standard logo and photos etc. 

Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket
The card within the box

I think Hot Powers’ aim here is to save on the packaging and spend the production costs where it matters most; the tits. They aren’t too pricey for what you get, but I could see the price increasing if they spent more on fancy packaging also. It’s a good strategy, in my opinion.

Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket
The tits come in a plastic tray within the box

Within the box, you will find the tits in a large plastic tray. Due to the sheer size and weight of these tits, getting them out is a challenge, but kind of a fun one. Actually, moving these tits at all can be somewhat of a challenge.

Once you’ve managed to lift them out of the box, successfully avoided back injuries (I’m getting old), and placed them on a large, sturdy surface, the Rockets are an absolute pleasure to play with. 

Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket
4.6kgs of fapulous titty fun

Fondling them is excellent, and the big erect nipples are fun to flick, squeeze and suck. There’s some real wobble to the boobs which makes poking and slapping fun too.

So, we’ve established they’re great to look at and fun to play with, but you must be wondering how they feel to paizuri (titty fuck)?

Well, I can happily say that lubing up these tits and poking in, around and in between them feels damn glorious! There’s just so much titty meat to wrap around your cock and enjoy. And the nipples are also fun to stroke, slap and stab at with your pork sword. The whole titty-visual aspect just adds to the experience. 

ZOC – Nipple-licking good

A thing I like about the Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket is that they’re quite durable. You can grope, pull and twist at the tits and nipples without worrying too much about damaging them, which means you are simply free to enjoy them. Obviously, don’t go too crazy; I don’t want to read comments saying you damaged your tits because I said they can take some abuse. 

Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket
Honk Honk

The only downsides I have to say about these tits is that the size and weight (as mentioned previously) can make them a little hard to handle due to the wobbliness. Picking up a 4.6kg balanced weight might not seem like much, but picking up 4.6kg of huge, wobbly titty-meat is something completely different.

Also storing them is a challenge as you need space, and good luck trying to keep them hidden somewhere if required. These negatives (the size and weight) are also positives with these tits though. 

Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket
Faptastic Nippples

As with other male masturbator boob toys, these are very easy to clean. Just wipe them down with a lint-flee cloth and some water. The durability and the easy-to-clean factor means that these tits should last you quite a long time and bring countless hours of fun if you take care of them; more so than any onahole would. 

The Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket Tits are available at otonaJP – (In fact, I haven’t seen them for sale anywhere else outside of Japan, as of yet) 

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