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Published on October 1st, 2019 | by Horny Harry


Real Eroge Situation! Hx3 Satogami Yuri Onahole Review

Real Eroge Situation! Hx3 Satogami Yuri Onahole Review Horny Harry

Summary: Quite a good onahole for the price. The hentai DVD adds a nice fun factor.


Anime Pussy

The Real Erogame Situation! Hx3 Satogami Yuri is an onahole based on Yuri Satogami, who is a character from the hentai anime series called ‘Real Eroge Situation Hx3’. 

This is one of four onaholes made by Tama Toys; each based on a different female character from the series. They are Aya AmasakiKanna MiyanoueTorii Shigeru, and Yuri Satogami, which is the one I have. 

Real Eroge Situation Onahole Yuri Satogami
Real Eroge Situation Hx3 Onahole

If you’re not familiar with the series ‘Real Eroge Situation Hx3’, the story revolves around four schoolgirls who are all virgins but also sex-obsessed. They are all in love with the same boy known as Shinobu-kun, which results in them all competing for his affections by performing various lewd acts for him and sometimes with each other. Somehow the four girls manage to maintain their virginities throughout the series despite having sex in each episode. Welcome to the wonderful world of hentai!

Real Eroge Situation Hx3
The lovely Yuri has very big eyes

All four of these onaholes come with hentai anime DVDs, featuring the characters performing sexual acts, that are meant to be watched as you use the toy for a more complete hentai experience.  

Real Eroge Situation Onahole Yuri Satogami
A 33-minute DVD of hentai goodness

The Real Erogame Situation! Hx3 Satogami Yuri DVD is 33 minutes long and stars Yuri playing with herself for your pleasure. She also enjoys your penis in various ways and gets covered in hot cum. Lovely.

Watching the DVD while using the onahole is quite nice, and watching/hearing Yuri do her stuff certainly make things a bit more exciting. It’s definitely the main selling point of this toy. 

The box art is good with Yuri and her strangely-enormous-for-a-schoolgirl breasts in a lovely short skirt. On the back of the box, there are a few screenshots from the DVD showing Yuri covered in jizz and touching herself. Inside the box is a standard small pack of lubricant that should provide a couple of uses at least, the DVD and the onahole.

Real Eroge Situation Onahole Yuri Satogami

The toy itself is quite basic as far as onaholes go. It’s a standard soft pink and quite smooth and plain on the outside. The only noteworthy thing is the big protruding pink pussy lips.

The tunnel of this onahole consists of various bumps and ridges, and you’ll find the entrance hole behind those protruding pussy lips. 

It can be a little challenging to lube up, but if you have a good bottle of lube, you should be able to get it wet and ready. 

Real Eroge Situation Onahole Yuri Satogami
Nice Plump Lips

Sliding into the small hole is a little tricky at first, but nothing too bad. Once you’re inside the toy, that tight hole helps to provide some delightful sensations along with the inner tunnel.

The Real Erogame Situation! Hx3 Satogami Yuri (and the other toys in the series) isn’t too expensive, so you shouldn’t expect too much in terms of onahole design, but it’s well made and does its job. 

Real Eroge Situation Yuri Satogami
The onahole weighs 310 grams

The toy is quite an average size, so if you have a bigger than average dong, then you might get a little frustrated not getting your full length inside, but the toy is quite stretchy and can be expanded to accommodate if necessary. 

Considering the reasonably low price for this onahole, and the accompanying DVD which adds some fun to the experience, this isn’t a bad choice at all – Especially if you’re a fan of Real Eroge Situation Hx3 of Hentai anime in general. It’s basic, but well made and provides a fun experience. 

The Real Erogame Situation! Hx3 Satogami Yuri is available at OtonaJP.

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