Diamond La Senzuri Onahole Review

The Diamond La Senzuri Onahole is an exciting male masturbator produced by Maccos Japan. You may have seen my previous reviews for two of their toys, the ViVi Doll 01 Moe and the Lollipop Misty Nightmare Girl, both of which are very good, stimulating and high-quality toys. This will be only my third review of one of Maccos’ toys as they don’t put many new ones out as often as some of the bigger makers, so let’s see if they continue the trend of quality over quantity. 

Diamond La Senzuri Onahole by Maccos Japan

The Diamond La Senzuri comes packaged in a very nice box which is surprisingly high quality and sturdy itself as it’s made from thick cardboard rather than the thin stuff that most toy boxes are made from. 

The box design features a beautiful illustration of a sexy anime-style silver-haired princess with large tits and shapely thighs. There’s a colour combination of lots of pinks, purples and blues that work quite well together and make the box stand out. If you’re a fan of onahole box designs, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this one. 

Inside the box, the toy comes in a plastic tray as well as being wrapped in a plastic bag, so it is very well protected. None of that bouncing around in the box during transportation that other toys have to go through before they reach you. It should arrive in good condition unless the delivery person really went through the effort of mishandling it. There’s also a small pack of lubricant that will last you for one or two uses.

The toy is a medium-sized handheld male masturbator, but it actually has quite a lot of weight to it at 400grams, and it feels sturdy and firm in hand. 

It is a soft peachy-pink colour and has an octagon-shaped exterior. Aside from the octagon shape, however, the exterior is rather plain in design, and even the entrance hole at the front is just a plain round circle. 

Open up that small entrance hole and peer inside though, and the Diamond La Senzuri looks like it means business in the stimulation department. The inner tunnel is a snug tune made up of four thick ribs that spiral throughout to the end of the tunnel. These ribs are covered in many smaller protruding ribs all the way along. The middle of the tunnel gets a little tighter, before getting wider again as you work past it. And if all that wasn’t enough, there’s one final hole at the back that leads to a textured end-chamber that engulfs and pleasures the head of your member at the peak of each stroke. 

The inner tunnel is made up of the same firm yet supple material that makes up the exterior, so this toy really feels durable when you open it up for cleaning, lubricating or penetrating etc. It has a premium high-quality feel and it should last for a long time if you take care of it and clean it out properly after use. 

The Diamond La Senzuri doesn’t have much of a greasy feel on the exterior either which some other toys tend to have, and there are no noticeable odours unless you really put your nose up to it, in which case there’s a bit of a rubbery smell. 

Lubricating this onahole is really easy and a moderate amount will do the job. When properly lubricated the Diamond La Senzuri is also very easy to enter. And I’m happy to say that Maccos have done it again. The inside of this toy feels superb when you’re inside. The inner tunnel provides a nice squeeze and massage to your member all the way through, and the tighter part in the middle of the tunnel is particularly enjoyable.

The tunnel is a little on the short side at around 5 inches deep, so if you have a rather long dong, then it might be a little frustrating. It’s more on the firm side so it’s not a super stretchy toy. Those five inches of the tunnel that do engulf your member though feel great and can lead you to very intense orgasms with some deep pumps. The end chamber does a good job of adding some strong suction while also pleasuring your penis head too. 

The Diamond La Senzuri is a mid-price range toy for its size and weight but in terms of quality and durability, its comparable to a high-end, more expensive toy. Maccos continue their trend of releasing toys every now and then but the ones they do put out seem to be very good. I look forward to testing their next one, and if it takes a while, it’s probably worth the wait.

The Diamond La Senzuri Onahole is available at otonaJP (affiliate link).

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