Real innocent by Toys Heart – Review

Another Loli themed Onahole from Toys Heart. Not really a surprise if you ask me as they have been heavily relying on this themes for year but how good is the Real innocent Onahole really. Let’s find out what it has to offer on our detailed review.

Today’s review item has been provided by and you can find the Real innocent Onahole here.

The Package and what is in it

The box of the Real innocent Onahole is actually quite big which is not that much of a surprise considering its dimensions. The artwork is cute and of high quality, the Onahole itself comes in a pladtic blister which feels high quality and gives the impression of well protecting the toy.

In addition, we get a small pack of lube as always. Overall I would say, nice presentation and high quality packaging which I feel however should be a given, considering the slightly high price that Toys Heart has put on the Real innocent Onahole.

The Toy itself

I feel that the Real innocent Onahole really falls in between a regular sized masturbator and a Hip. With its dimensions of 1100g or 2.43lbs, it definitely is not a handheld device and surely has some heftiness to it.

The length of the Real innocent Onahole is 180mm or 7.09inches which is quite large. The overall appearance is pretty and surely plays into the overall Virgin and Lolita theme of the toy.

The silicone does not smell at all I felt and was very smooth. Peeking on her insides, you can see a nice and cute pink pussy, awaiting your rock hard member to enter her. I really enjoyed the overall feel of the entrance and her thighs as it had just such a nice feeling to it. Rubbing my Glans around the entrance of the Real innocent Onahole also really got me excited. I think this is partially due to the overall size as well as the smooth and good material Toys Heart has used here.

Feeling like bursting with expectations, I can say that me first entering the Real innocent Onahole was a glorious experience. Surely the artwork of this cute and innocent girl, waiting for you to teach her the ropes really got me excited. However, there is no denying that the Real innocent is a superb piece of Onahole Craftsmanship.

The internals feel gentle and intense at the same time. I felt this constant pressure, it was almost a magical moment, as if the Real innocent Onahole would interact with me and squeeze my little friend while I thrust away into Happiness.

Washing is fairly easy, considering the size of it. I would however recommend to be careful as I felt that the entrance is a bit fragile. After now about 8 uses, there is no tear so far but I still felt that I should rather be careful.

My Resume

Oh man, what a ride I had with the Real innocent by Toys Heart. This surely is a Virgin Lovers dream and so far, perhaps except for the slightly high price tag, I have not found any real cons. Toys Heart is known for their quality over the years and their long gone Virgin Age Admission was one of the first pieces of rubber I ever stuck my Dick in.

I loved the Real innocent Onahole a lot and I am sure you will too if the overall theme is appealing to you.

I am giving the Real innocent by Toys Heart a score of 92%.

Thank you for providing the review sample to us.

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