New Hon Mono Onahole by G-Project – Review

Another Hon Mono Onahole I thought when I asked otonaJP what they can offer me for review. While we have many examples of long lasting Onahole series, such as Mouth of Truth for example, who are doing great, there are certainly also the ones that overstay their welcome (looking at you, Puni Ana Roid) and having used two different Hon Mono Onaholes in the past, I felt that this series is an example for this.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and give the New Hon Mono a fair chance.

Today’s review item has been provided by and you can find the New Hon Mono Onahole by G-Project here.

The Package and what is in it

When the package arrived at my doorstep and I first opened it, I was impressed, as the box of the New Hon Mono Onahole looks a lot larger then its dimensions lead you to believe.

Upon opening it, there was the first dissapointment. The toy looks small and kinda lost in its big package. Alongside the Onahole itself, you get only a pack of lube, so there really is no reason for that big of a box.

While it looks nice, and perhaps gives the buyer the impression that he is buying something big and expensive, for us who live outside Japan, this increases the shipping costs of the New Hon Mono Onahole in a very unnecessary way.

The Toy itself

The New Hon Mono Onahole is fucking soft, I mean real soft. Almost to the degree that it is hard to hold it. Weight wise we are looking at 430g (0.95lbs) as well as 180mm (7.09in) in length and 70mm (2.76in) in width.

The main gimmick and perhaps selling point of the New Hon Mono Onahole is that it is supposed to resemble breaking a Virgins Hymen. I think there was such an Onahole by NPG a long time ago, it even bled if I remember correctly. The New Hon Mono Onahole is not doing anything this fancy but due to its rather plain design, to be very honest, at first I though they forgot to add the fucking entrance and I kept wondering where to even put in my Dick. I ended up ripping it open with my fingers before sticking it in, ending up feeling that this gimmick totally went to waste sadly. The entrance was just so plain that there was literally no way of getting in without using your hand.

Not sure if the people who designed this ever had real Sex but after looking at the construction of this entrance, I really have my doubts about it.

The inside is mostly bland and the only thing that got me excited was the vacuum chamber at the end which also as a different layer which however does not feel different from the rest and if I wouldn’t have seen it on the picture on the box, I would never knew that it is there.

I really had to squeeze the New Hon Mono Onahole hard with both hands while stroking to feel enough to cum. I am not that well equipped and I can imagine that someone with an even small Penis feel lost in the New Hon Mono Onahole, even it not being all that big.

My Resume

The New Hon Mono Onahole by G-Project is basically well made. It does not smell and it also isn’t overly oily. You can feel that G-Project uses high quality materials but for nearly $35 I would definitely say to get something else unless you have to much cash or not know what else to get (the second one at least should really not be an issue these days). Sorry to say this but I did not have as much fun as I hoped for.

I am giving the New Hon Mono Onahole by G-Project a score of 55%.

Thank you for providing the review sample to us.

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