DWU Kanbotsu Chikubi Nipple Fucker Review

Got a thing for virtual Youtuber DWU (Deep Web Underground) and ger shapely digital tits? Then Japanese adult toymaker and boundary pusher Tama Toys have something just for you!

The DWU Kanbotsu Chikubi Nipple Fucker is a hentai – of course – breast based male masturbator. But you can enjoy DWU’s tits in more ways than just a paizuri (titty fuck) because each tit has a penetrable hole and tunnel that stimulates you in the same way as an onahole would. And each tit features a different tunnel design so they offer a different experience. Hell, you could even theoretically have a friend over to enjoy one tit while you have the other, although I never tried this myself. Masturbation party anyone? 

The DWU Kanbotsu Chikubi Nipple Fucker are medium-sized as far as breast toys go, although there have been some ridiculously large releases recently, weighing a hefty 1.7kgs and measuring 28.5 cms across. There’s plenty of titty mass to fondle, grope, and wrap around your member in a warm comforting DWU embrace. 

They’re not the most realistic looking toys, but this can be forgiven considering they’re based on a fictional digital character – and they do look like hers and the same skin colour tone actually. The nipples are also very big and inviting. 

These tits are also adequately soft and bouncy to feel great and both in your hands and around your cock. Not the best or most realistic available, but considering they’re available for under 70$ (at time of writing) with otonaJP they’re good enough and actually a real bargain in my opinion. Tama Toys usually make durable and well-built toys and these breasts are no different – there should be at least a couple of years of frequent use if you take care of them and store them properly. Oh, they also come with a bottle of DWU-themed lubricant which will last you more than a few uses.

The actual nipple penetration experience on each tit is alright, especially if you have a fetish for that kind of thing, but it does leave some to be desired. Mostly due to the fact that the depth of each titty tunnel is rather shallow with only around 5 inches to push into, but a little less than actually engulfs your member. The tunnels do feel nice though, with one tunnel filled with large jagged folds (my favourite) and the other filled with various chambers lines with ribs and bumps. 

The DWU Kanbotsu Chikubi Nipple Fucker are dual-layered, so the inner tunnels are made from a separate material to the breast exterior which is more optimal for fucking. This second layer also makes up DWU’s large pink nipples.

Overall, considering the theme, quality and fairly low price that these tits are available for, I think they’re worth it. It’s like getting two titty-shaped smaller onaholes, and also a pair of tits all in one package. There are quite a few ways to enjoy these too, so you should,t get bored of them too soon. If you’re a fan of Deep Wen Underground, or even if you’re not, these unique tits are worth the consideration if you’re looking for a paizuri and nipple penetration toy. 

The DWU Kanbotsu Chikubi Nipple Fucker is available at OtonaJP.

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