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Published on June 20th, 2020 | by Horny Harry


Change your Swimsuit (Bikini Version) Review

Change your Swimsuit (Bikini Version) Review Horny Harry
Quality - 82%
Feel - 70%
Durability - 76%
Value - 78%

Summary: A new take on what an onahole can or should be with a unique undressable bikini gimmick.


Bikini Babe

The Change your Swimsuit (Bikini Version) is a miniature torso onahole with a new twist. It not only looks great with curvy boobs and hips replicating the figure of a sexy beach babe, but she’s wearing skimpy bikini swimsuit that barely contains her large tits. But this bikini is not just for show, because it is removable, meaning you can play around with this stunner by undressing her, or leaving her bikini on while you experience her snug and warm pussy. What a time to be alive!

Onaholes continue to evolve and have come a long way in recent years, and I for one am excited about the future possibilities of undressable-onaholes – I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

The Change your Swimsuit (Bikini Version) is made by Japanese adult toymaker Natural High who are a smaller, lesser-known company, especially outside of Japan. But they’re making some big statements with this new take on what a male masturbator can and should be. 

The onahole actually comes with two bikini sets, one pink and one white, that can be changed depending on your mood or preference. The material of the bikinis seems to be pretty much the same as the main part of the toy, although a lot thinner. It feels quite durable generally, although I was still careful about removing the bikini each time, making sure not to stretch it too much, especially at the thinner sections. If you remove the bikinis a lot or are quite rough with them, I can see them eventually tearing, especially over the long term.

Fortunately, the toy itself feels very durable and fairly well made. It’s definitely one of the best-looking onaholes I’ve seen even without the bikinis due to her curvy figure. Just look at the shape of those tits…

The box, or rather, clear-plastic packaging it comes in is quite dull and a break from the norm for males that usually come in boxes with artwok. But this is somewhat understandable as they want to showcase the toy itself. I’d much rather my money went towards a good toy than a nicely designed yet costly package design. 

Right where you’d expect her entrance hole to be, under her bikini bottoms, her inner tunnel is there behind the small entrance hole. It can be a little awkward to lube up but not too much of a problem. Once you’re inside, you’ll appreciate the entrance hole is so small. It contributes to the nice sensations you get from using the toy.

The inner tunnel of the toy is rather simple with a meandering tube with various textures around the outside, and a couple of larger nubs at the end. Nothing really worth shouting about. The tunnel is quite snug and made from a single layer material the same as the exterior. 

Now, the overall stimulation that the Change your Swimsuit (Bikini Version) provides is nothing mind-blowing. Not bad, but nothing to rave about either – actually just quite average for an onahole. The visual stimulation of that the toy gives combined with the physical work well together though. Undressing her, or just sliding her panties to the side before you enter her, is a real delight and definitely adds to the experience for me personally. If the stimulation provides was comparable to say a Sujiman toy by Magic Eyes, for example, this would probably be the toy of the decade. Someone needs to step up and make this happen, Natural High, Magic Eyes, or even a collaboration – whatever, just do it, my penis demands it!

The Change your Swimsuit (Bikini Version) is fairly decently priced at around $25 at the time of writing. Mini torso onaholes tend to be higher-priced due to the work and methods needed to cast the shape of the toy, which is a difficult process – but even still, the price is quite low.

One thing that is a little frustrating though, is the toy is a little on the small side, at just 13cm (just over 5inces) in length which also means that the inner tunnel is not very deep. This might frustrate those who are well-endowed or even some of those with an average size. If this toy was a little bigger and had a bit better inner tunnel design as mentioned earlier, this really could have been a phenomenal toy. 

Considering the price, the fun bikini undressing gimmick, and the decent build quality though, it’s still worth it, especially if you have a swimwear /underwear-on fetish, or you like to undress before the action. The visual stimulation is superb and the tunnel is still capable of leading you to some satisfying finishes. 

For the love of Zeus, someone please make a larger version of this with a better tunnel and I will throw my money at you.

The Change your Swimsuit (Bikini Version) is available at otonaJP. (This is an affiliate link to help me meet the costs of keeping this blog going, and my penis happy)

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