Eternal Fella – Innocent Sweet bite Onahole Review

Anyone who knows even basic knowledge of the Japanese male masturbator world will know that Toy Heart is one of the most prominent makers with frequent new releases with some of the best onaholes available among them. Of course, not everything they produce is a hit, but they have a damn good average of top quality toys.

The onahole I’m reviewing today is one of Toys Hearts most recent releases. The Eternal Fella – Innocent Sweet Bite is a blowjob onahole with a rather simple design and made from the standard high-quality materials that Toys Heart is known for. 

Eternal Fella – Innocent Sweet Bite Onahole by Toys Heart

It’s one of their lower-price range options from Toys Heart, available for just a little over 15usd (at time of writing with otonaJP), aside from their cups and very small open-ended onaholes.

The Eternal Fella – Innocent Sweet bite is quite a short toy at just 13cms in length, but it is quite fat at 7cms wide and also weighty for its size too at 305 grams.

This blowjob onahole is made from a firm springy material. It reminds me of the Virgin Age Admission in firmness, so it’s could be classed as a hard-type toy although it’s not marketed as such. 

The box is quite small, and nothing amazing, but the artwork of the big-busted anime girl looking cock-hungry with her finger in her mouth is nice. 

The toys itself is simple visually, with a smooth rounded exterior design and a small circular entrance hole. There’s nothing really noteworthy about the design other than it being a light skin-like pink colour and it has a flat surface right at the back.

The inner tunnel of the Eternal Fella – Innocent Sweet bite is quite unique in that it has a novel two-angle blowjob gimmick. The first half of the tunnel has soft protrusions inside that replicate the upper and lower set of teeth and lips of a horny anime girl. This provides an oral-like stimulation of one angle. Then the second half of the tunnel has another set of teeth and lips sitting at a 90° angle which intends to provide the sensation of having your dick sucked form another angle. So when you push inside to the end, your member is inside two mouths and being sucked at two different angles at once, essentially.

As nice as this multi-angle oral stimulation sounds, it doesn’t quite deliver, unfortunately. That’s not to say that the Eternal Fella – Innocent Sweet bite doesn’t feel nice because it does, but once your in that second half of the tunnel, my penis could barely tell where one mouth ended and the other began. It’s all just one mish-mash of sloppy blowjob sensation.

The onahole will require a fair bit of lubricant to enjoy as there are lots of nooks and crannies inside, but once it’s lubricated and you’ve squeezed the air out to work up the vacuum suction, it does feel satisfactory and will get you off. Of course, it’s nowhere near and stimulating or ora-like as some of the more expensive blowjob toys available, like the Mouth of Truth for example, but it’s not bad at all. My biggest complaint would be that it’s a little short, so you might not be able to get the base of your penis inside, and even less if you’re well-endowed. The 5 inches of tunnel available though does deliver. 

Considering the low price, it’s fairly fun and easy to use. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and it has the usual high durability of Toys Heart toys. If you’re looking for a serious blowjob-replicating onahole, there are far better options available that provide better oral stimulation, but the Eternal Fella – Innocent Sweet bite is fun nonetheless and it will get you off with a bit of work. At just a little over $15, I’d say it’s worth the money. 

The Eternal Fella – Innocent Sweet bite is available at otonaJP (affiliate link to help me keep this blog going).

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