Nure Man Onahole by G-Project – Review

At the time of writing this review, the Nure Man Onahole has just ben released by G-Project andwe are interested to see how it will hold up in this review. Usually Onaholes by G-Project seem to be a bit overpriced for what they offer, so lets see if the Nure Man Onahole can justify its price tag of $45.20 as at the time of this writing.

Today’s review item has been provided by and you can find the Nure Man Onahole here.

The Package and what is in it

The Box is quite simple. Nice high quality artwork but quite thin cardboard. Also, besides a small pack of lube there is nothing really in here worth writing home about. I think G-Project can do better here. I wish I had more to say here but there isn’t.

The Toy itself

The Nure Man Onahole comes in at 500g or 1.1lbs which makes it a middle sized Onahole that for most people, perfectly fit in their hand. With 145mm or 5.71inches, I felt that it is on the short side but it still does feel quite meaty and holding it, gives a nice feel of heftiness and weight to it. Also, it seems quite big in width which probably adds to that impression.

Overall the Nure Man masturbator is regular in firmness but on the softer side. I tried taking some photos from the inside but it kept wiggling around, and as I did not want to cut it open just yet, I gave up on this and will use photo from otonaJP instead.

The structure on the inside is quite basic. It gives you some nice stimulation, even with not that much of lube but unless you aggressively start stroking and squeezing it, there is never that feeling of intense stimulation that I was missing a bit here.

On the other side, probably due to the size of the Nure Man Onaholem or should I say width, it just felt massive somehow in the palm of my hand and at no time during my sessions was I afraid to damage it, even going into Berserk mode on it.

The entrance is just a simple hole, nothing unique. I personally prefer those however over something fancy that will break after me inserting my rock hard Johnny into it.

My Resume

The Nure Man Onahole by G-Project is a very solid piece of masturbation happiness. Can I recommend it for the price tag it has though? I would say yes and no. If you are on a budget, look elsewhere but if the probably $10 it is overprice do not bother your wallet, then I say go for it if you have the money to spare and some space in your collection.

Me and my member love the sessions with the Nure Man and I think this is the most important after all, how you and your best part feel. Listen to your Penis man, it has done me good so far.

I am giving the Nure Man Onahole by G-Project a score of 77%.

Thank you for providing the review sample to us.


  1. Mine tore at the entrance on the 5-6 use. I week later feels like a sloppy blow without lips. Still good softer than expected pliable on its own weight!

    • Thank you for your input here. Mine is still alive and working well. It is a bit sloppy indeed after 20+ uses but I still enjoy it.

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