Kunoichi Immoral Law Wild Vagina Bero Onahole Review

Kunoichi Immoral Law Wild Vagina Bero Onahole Review

Today, we are going to take a look at the Kunoichi Immoral Law Wild Vagina Bero Onahole by Hot Powers Japan. The name is a tongue-twister, and the toy, a cock-pleaser. 

If you don’t know about Hot Powers, they’re known for making unique and often-quirky male masturbators with quite a few now available in their ever-expanding selection

Kunoichi Immoral Law Wild Vagina Bero Onahole Review
Kunoichi Immoral Law Wild Vagina Bero by Hot Powers

And, the Kunoichi Immoral Law Wild Vagina Bero is a solid contender for Hot Powers’ quirkiest toy yet. As the name suggests, this onahole is based on a wild vagina.

Actually, there’s quite a lot going on with this toy that I can’t quite work out from all the Japanese texts on the box. I know that “bero” means tongue in Japanese, so there’s that, and then there seems to be some kind of heart theme too, as well as the schoolgirl. 

Wavy inner tunnel walls with six heart-shaped chambers

The box is nicely designed and features a sexy and busty girl with a somewhat irritated face, which is odd considering she’s also lifting up her skirt and giving us a glimpse of her vag and anus while her breasts hang out of her shirt. The art is quite good and whoever is doing the work for Hot Powers is certainly talented. 

Inside the box, you’ll find the toy, a small pack of lotion and an illustrated pamphlet that features some information about the onahole, other products from Hot Powers, and also a short manga with a story about the girl and the onahole. I’m not sure exactly what happens in the story, but it looks fun.

The actual toy is a bright pink colour, and the design….well, I guess it’s a ‘wild vagina’. It kind of reminds me of one of them wrinkly shar-pei dogs. 

Kunoichi Immoral Law Wild Vagina Bero Onahole Review
A Shar-Pei Dog

A Kunoichi Wild Vagina Bero Onahole

This absurd ribbed design makes the toy easy to grip when using at least. 

The small entrance hole is found nestled between a petite, protruding camel-toe and a cute little labia. Once it’s lubed up, it’s relatively easy to slide inside. As the toy is made from a single-layer (one material throughout), it is the same colour on the inside. 

The interior tunnel is an assortment of wavy ridges that run throughout six heart-shaped chambers and is just as wild as the outside. 

So this is what a wild vagina looks like?

Getting inside this thing feels great. The material and design of this toy allow it to be manipulated around your cock to experience different sensations and explore the inner walls thoroughly. The inner chambers also create a nice and snug vacuum effect, and it feels fantastic when you squirt inside, and the toy is still thirstily gripping your penis. 

If you want to take the experience of this toy to the next level, Hot Powers have made some accompanying audio that is meant to be played while porking the onahole.

The audio features a woman speaking Japanese who has quite a sultry voice and makes typical Japanese-girl, pleasing sex noises that you hear in JAV and Hentai videos.

Kunoichi Wild Vagina Onahole

You’ll have to pay around $5 if you want the full audio, but there are at least seven minutes of sample audio that you can try before you buy. Here is the link if you’re intrigued: audio.

So, in conclusion, I enjoyed this onahole a lot. As with most Hot Powers toys, the focus is on the fun.

The theme is a bit confusing for me as I can’t read the Japanese and Hot Powers seem to have put a lot of effort into it. But – the toy itself provided an enjoyable experience and should give a good few uses in future. Plus, the price ain’t too bad either.

The Kunoichi Wild Vagina Bero Onahole is available at otonaJP.


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