Male Sex Toys from Japan Puni Ana Roid Electric Masturbator by EXE

Published on October 7th, 2019 | by Horny Harry


Puni Ana Roid Electric Masturbator Review

Puni Ana Roid Electric Masturbator Review Horny Harry

Summary: The Puni Ana Roid makes hands-free, electronic masturbators affordable, and with the usual EXE quality.


Android Pussy

The Puni Ana Roid Electric Masturbator – A hands-free male sex toy. I guess EXE were not completely satisfied with their standard stuff in the Puni Ana range, where you have to fuck the toy yourself (or at least do some hand work) – So, they went all out and created an automatic, electric-powered rotor toy that fucks you.

We are inching closer and closer to the dawn of our sex-android companions, who will eventually, one day, tire of our sexual depravity and strange kinks, and inevitably overthrow us to become our overlords.

But, as of now at least, we still hold power over our silicone creations. And so we have the Puni Ana Roid, which is essentially a robotic pussy, which is amazing. 

Don’t get me wrong, this is absolutely not the first electric male masturbator, but at the price the Puni Ana is selling for, it really is something special. 

Take the Vorze A10 Cyclone for example – one of the first electronic masturbators available – which was released around five years ago. It still sells for a whopping $338.53 while the Puni Ana Roid is available for under $90 (at otonaJP at time of writing). The A10 has different sleeves available that offer different sensations, and it’s a bit more weighty, but apart from that, it’s really not that much different to the Roid in terms of capabilities. 

The Puni Ana Roid Electric Masturbator by EXE - 2

The box of the Roid features the usual sexy blonde-haired girl from the Puni Ana range, but here she has huge tits and is dressed in some futuristic-looking garbs. The box is colourfully designed, and is very visually striking, that’s for sure. 

The Puni Ana Roid Electric Masturbator by EXE
The Puni Ana Roid Electric Masturbator by EXE

Within the box is the electric masturbator, a USB charging cable, a base stand, earphones and a small pack of standard EXE lube. Not the usual things you would expect to find in an onahole box, right?

The Puni Ana Roid Electric Masturbator by EXE
Not your standard male masturbator box contents

Well, this masturbator machine features 10-minutes of recorded “soft-sound” – which is basically an anime-style girl voice taking in Japanese and making some moaning sounds. My Japanese is very limited. Still, I know she makes some humorous comments asking if you’re really doing it and that you played with her Puni Ana sisters (the other Puni Ana toys) previously before her.

The audio is a nice touch, and some of the moaning sounds can definitely add to the experience. Obviously, the included earphones can be used if you’re worried about housemates or neighbours hearing your robotic-anime-waifu-pussy escapades. 

The Puni Ana Roid Electric Masturbator by EXE

The base allows the toy to be placed on a desk and angled at the perfect entry point. It screws into the bottom of the toy, and it really does allow your hands to be free if you can get the right position – It can be adjusted throughout a 145° angle, and it works with a suction cup, so it sticks to any smooth fat service. Great for desks but not for beds, unfortunately.

I haven’t seen this kind of base on any other electric masturbators as of yet though, so it’s something unique to this masturbator. 

The USB cable, as you can probably guess, allows the toy to be charged via any standard USB port. On the box, it says to charge the toy for at least two hours before using it, and that should provide 40 minutes of use, but I guess that depends on the power setting you are using. After a full charge, I got just over half an hour of use with mine experimenting with some of the faster settings, so not too far off. 

The Puni Ana Roid Electric Masturbator by EXE
The Puni Ana Roid is easy to clean due to removable inner parts

The masturbator seems well made and reasonably sturdy, although care is needed when removing the inner rubber sleeve when cleaning as there is a possibility of damaging it due to the plastic surrounding. 

The removable parts make it super easy to clean though. You can just run them under some warm water and wipe them down. 

Using the Puni Ana Roid took some practice at first as it’s quite unlike any masturbator I’ve used before. I recommend using a quite a lot of thick lube, especially in the middle sleeve; otherwise, all the spinning and pumping it does will just grind your cock a bit and might cause a little pain. 

The Puni Ana Roid Electric Masturbator by EXE
It also comes with a lid to keep dust out when not in use

This robo-pus has “49 different settings” due to the combined pumping and the 360 rotating motion, so there’s quite a lot to play around and experiment with. The settings can be adjusted by buttons near the base of the toy as well as the audio.  

Once you’re lubed up, got in the right position inside and found your perfect setting, the Roid feels really good. Hands-free masturbation is fucking awesome.

As mentioned earlier, it takes a little practice and can be awkward at first, but once you’ve sussed it out and know how to position yourself, the toy is capable of providing some great stimulation.

The toy can get a bit loud, so if you’d like to listen to the audio while using it, you’ll be better off using the earphones. Unfortunately, there are no rewind or fast forward buttons on the Roid so if you restart the audio, you’ll have to listen from the beginning each time. 

In conclusion, Puni Ana Roid is an excellent option for somebody looking for an automatic, electronic masturbator. 

Puni Ana Roid Electric Masturbator – Inner Sleeve

Actually, considering the rather low price, it is currently the only option for me. I don’t make enough from my day job or this blog to fork out over $300 on a sex toy, and the Puni Ana really isn’t that much different from those expensive options from what I can tell. It provides a tremendous hands-free masturbation experience, and the gimmicks it comes with are actually quite nice or useful. 

I for one welcome this pussy-only-portion of our future overlords.

The Puni Ana Roid is available at otonaJP  – (affiliate link)

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6 Responses to Puni Ana Roid Electric Masturbator Review

  1. Nana7 says:

    How did you remove the inner sleeve? There were no instructions regarding this in the box and the picture on the box is not exactly the best guide on doing so.

    • Fapman says:

      Once you take off the top part, there’s like a plastic see-through ring that goes around the rim – keeping the sleeve inside.

      If you take that off, you can remove the sleeve from within.

      Hard to explain but hope that helps.

  2. Jaygod says:

    How big is the sleeve? I just bought lelo F1s and I just threw it away after first use sadly. Bcuz I just could not go into it. It is too small…

  3. zak2040 says:

    Can this be used without turning on? like a classic onahole?

    • battlepackroyal says:

      Sorry for the late reply as I only got this device recently. To answer your question, I don’t think so because the device is a tad bigger than a regular onahole. The device is also a little heavy due to the electronics in it and I don’t think it’s quite efficient to use it as an onahole. Just activate it and let the machine do its job. It’s a game-changer and so much better than onaholes I’ve used before getting this device.

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