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Published on February 7th, 2019 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Mini Namagoshi Ultimate Hip

Review of the Mini Namagoshi Ultimate Hip Rubber Rod

Summary: The amazing NPG outfit has done it once again. This compact little mini-hip packs a lot of pleasure into a small package.


Great Buy

The Mini Namagoshi Ultimate Hip is yet another in the long line of male masturbators from the famous NPG company in Japan. I have been an onahole aficionado for some time, and NPG has never let me down. They are not the kind of company that disappoints their customers. Even when they’re held to a high standard and expectations.

Most who know of NPG are familiar with their Meiki line of holes. Toys from that line such as the Maria Ozawa Hole have become known by men all over the world. And for good reason. They are very high quality and realistic onaholes that are the next best thing to actually having sex with a Japanese porn star yourself.

But NPG is also famous for their “hips”. These are larger hip style toys that are meant to be like a woman’s lower half. They usually include a large ass and both vaginal and anal entries. Hips are very popular for their realism. But they can be expensive and difficult for people with a need for discretion to hide. That’s where the Mini Namagoshi Ultimate Hip comes in.

Mini Namagoshi Ultimate Hip

The Mini Namagoshi Ultimate Hip is basically a scaled down version of NPG’s incredible hips. It has all the same features. They are just compressed into a much smaller package. The added benefits of the toy are that it is cheaper than NPG hips, and it is much easier to conceal from prying eyes.

The Mini Namagoshi comes packed in a classy white box. There is a clear plastic window so you can see part of the toy inside. The full description is there too. So you know before you buy that this “mini hip” still weighs a significant 1300 grams. That’s almost 3 pounds for those using the imperial system.

The toy is a fully molded bottom of a woman. It doesn’t have legs, but they did go as far as including a cute little belly button into the toy. More importantly, the flesh colored masturbator has a nice round ass on one side and a waiting open gash on the other.

Mini Namagoshi Ultimate Hip

The Mini Namagoshi Ultimate Hip has a nice set of molded pussy lips with a big entry hole in the middle. This entry is easy to lube up and enter. Unlike most hips, this toy does not have an anus. Or more precisely there is an anus. You just can’t penetrate it. But like nearly all high end onaholes, it is dual layer. That means the interior is made from a soft pink material that differs from the exterior.

The love tunnel inside is really fun to explore. It is short but stretchy. There are also an incredible amount of bits and pieces tucked inside that can lead to a lot of stimulation. Depending on the angle you use the toy at, you can get totally different feelings. All of them are good.

A real benefit of a shorter and straighter interior is that the toy is easy to clean and dry. This is something not often mentioned. But even some of the most expensive and well made onaholes and hips can be difficult to maintain without special tools because of their deep twisting interiors. The Mini Namagoshi can easily be cleaned out with just some soap and water, then put up basically anywhere for later use.

The Mini Namagoshi Ultimate Hip is available at OtonaJP.

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