Male Sex Toys from Japan Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation

Published on February 7th, 2019 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation

Review of the Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation Rubber Rod

Summary: This hip definitely isn't cheap. But it's worth the full price and more. It is like having your own piece of ass. Literally!


Great Buy

The Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation is a full sized realistic hip manufactured by the amazing NPG outfit in Japan. This is a real toy for real men who want something significant to play with. You can get some real pleasure out of this thing.

As explained in previous reviews, the Japanese often use the word “hip” to describe a woman’s ass. So it follows that hip style toys are basically replications of women’s asses that are designed for guys to play with and have sex with. While there are some cheap hips, most of these toys have significant price tags to go along with their significant sizes.

Also mentioned on this site many times is the NPG company. They’re probably best known among foreigners for creating Meiki toys such as the recently reviewed Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi Kinchaku. But in Japan, they are probably just as well known for their incredible realistic hips. These are toys that even the most discerning onahole aficionado looks at with glee.

Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation

The Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation is a very large male sex toy. Weighing in at 6 kilograms (13.22 pounds) it is quite a thing to behold. The toy is modeled on a big round Japanese ass, which contrary to some stereotypes is a very real phenomenon.

The toy comes packages in a quality box with lots of images. On the front, a lovely Japanese babe poses with a thong up her ass looking like she’s just waiting for your company. On the back, she is stripped nude with a patch of soft fur emanating from between her legs. Alongside this, there are actual photographs of the intricate interior of the toy.

The hip itself is pretty realistic looking. It has a nice light fleshy color. It’s natural and soft to the touch too. Both the front and back are fully molded. So it’s very realistic in that regard. This also allows the toy to be used in multiple positions. But it shines most when taken in doggy style or cow girl. The heft of the toy lets you pick it up then effortlessly drop it back down with all its weight. This feels a lot like slamming a real woman from the back. Or having a nice firm Asian ass bouncing up and down on your boner.

Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation

The toy has a nice set of soft molded pussy lips that can be seen and used from both the front and the back. Between the lips there is a nice rounded slit that is as easy to slide into as it is to lubrication. There is also a nice tight anus located right where you would expect it to be. And it is truly wonderful!

Like most of the better onaholes, this hip is manufactured with dual layers. So the interior is made of a durable pink material. Both of the fuck holes are lined with this stuff, and it makes for quite the pleasurable experience. The ass is tighter than the pussy. And that is to be expected in toys like this as well as with real women. As is the case with real women, it also feels great to go back and forth between the two inputs. Only with this toy, you won’t encounter any mess other than the one you make yourself.

Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation

Both open holes are inviting. They almost seem to beg you to slide inside. Once you enter, you are almost overwhelmed with sensations. That’s because both pipes are well fitted with lots of different odds and ends meant to stimulate every part of your manhood. And they work!

An added benefit of the waiting orifices is that they are easy to clean out. They are nice and contained during use. But after it is very easy to rinse out and drip dry both entries. This is really great, as a need for too much work when cleaning can discouraging you from using a toy at all.

The Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation definitely isn’t cheap. But it is appropriately priced considering all that goes into it. Including you, once you buy it! This is no throw away toy either. It is very well made and durable. It should prove to provide years of pleasure.

The Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation is available at OtonaJP (where it’s currently being sold for 39 percent under list price!)

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  1. onafan says:

    Would you say this gives a more realistic vaginal sensation than the ZXY in a doll-slot?

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