Male Sex Toys from Japan Review of the Super Compressed Vagina male sex toy from Japan

Published on December 15th, 2016 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Yubiatsu Super Compressed Vagina

Review of the Yubiatsu Super Compressed Vagina Rubber Rod

Summary: This Asian version of a Fleslight type of toy unfortunately fails to measure up to the American competition.



The Yubiatsu Super Compressed Vagina by NPG is sort of like a Japanese version of a Fleshlight without all of the hype.

The Yubiatsu comes in a clear plastic box. Inside a plastic tray holds the toy. The toy itself is made of the typical skin like soft rubber but it is surrounded with a black hard plastic shell decorated with the image of a butterfly. This aids in gripping the toy but its real purpose it to squeeze the thing and make it tighter. Hence, “super compressed.”

The hard plastic outer shell is easy to take apart and put back on. The top has a screw off cap and the rest breaks down into two pieces with a flick of the hand. The rubber insert can be used on its own but it is obviously meant to be utilized as a complete set.

The insert is of good quality. It is very dense and heavy for its size. It has molded vaginal lips on the front that are only for appearances. Between the lips there is a round entrance hole. This is easy to lubricate and easy to enter.

Inside the hole there is a series of nobs around where the g-spot would be in a real woman. Unfortunately this toy isn’t much like a real woman at all. It has a distinct rubbery smell that doesn’t go away even with use. The smell is actually enough to fill a room, at least for a while. The toy isn’t very accommodating either.

Review of the Super Compressed Vagina male sex toy from Japan

The black plastic shell puts a real squeeze on the inside. Even with the plastic shell removed the thing is stiff and inflexible. There simply isn’t much give to the soft rubber section at all. The Kiwami Zoukei Julia is stiff and dense but it has a snapping action that feels great. This toy is simply firm with no real advantage.

On the plus side the toy is extremely durable. Despite it’s smaller size I doubt even really well hung guys would be able to break through it. It can get through a thorough session without problem. I doubt that it would break doubt much even after years of use. It seems built to stand the test of time.

It is also very easy to clean. You can quickly flush it out with water and cleanser and then leave it to dry. There’s not much else to it. In fact the Yubiatsu may be one of the easiest toys to clean ever manufactured. Only the short onaholes with big holes on each end are easier.

Review of the Super Compressed Vagina male sex toy from Japan

The Super Compressed Vagina is very discreet. With its nondescript black plastic shell it is unlikely that most people would be able to figure out that it is a sex toy just by looking at it. For people who live in shared quarters or have a lot of nosy guests this could be a real benefit. Some of the Japanese toys available are large and totally obvious. You certainly couldn’t leave the Puru Puru Oppai Finale on a shelf without drawing attention.

Everyone says tight pussy is the best. Certainly it provides more feeling than old worn out snatch you can barely feel. The more time goes on I wonder if tighter is always better. I think it depends on the situation. The Old Lady Star Chisato Shoda toy is a bit lose but much better than the toy under review here.

The Super Compressed Vagina isn’t the worst toy on the market by any means. It is simply one of many choices available. With hundreds and probably even thousands of other male masturbators on sale there is something for almost everyone out there. Perhaps this toy would be excellent for someone with a small unit or a thing for extreme tightness. For me it is just average at best.

The Yubiatsu Super Compressed Vagina is available at Kanojo Toys.

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