Male Sex Toys from USA Review of the Fleshlight classic pink lady

Published on January 5th, 2017 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady

Review of the Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady Rubber Rod

Summary: The original Fleshlight isn't as good as other products from the company but it isn't bad either. It is still worth the price of purchase.


Good Buy

Japan has thousands of sex toys available for men. They range from disposable masturbation cups to super expensive but very realistic sex dolls. There are so many sex toys made for men in Japan that entire companies and even large retail stores are based around it. The USA is a rich and developed country with a huge porn industry and tens of millions of horny and hard guys but the choices in terms of male sex toys are rather limited.

Sex toy stores in the US usually have a few rubber pocket pussies and plastic inflatable love dolls but that’s about it. The stuff they do have is usually low quality. A few places are now starting to sell some Tenga US products but it may be too little and too late. A lot of people are moving to online ordering. That’s true in general but especially for sex toys. I guess people are too shy to roll into their local dildo and smut hut to search out something like the Tenga Deep Throat Cup.

Fleshlight bucked the trend. Years ago the guy behind the company came up with the toy in order to relieve himself while his pregnant wife was unable to have sex. I guess back then international commerce wasn’t as common as it is now. Rather than search out some of the toys being made overseas he simply created his own. It’s probable that he didn’t even know such toys existed in Japan. In any case he came up with a toy that has gone on to become the most popular male sex toy in the United States.

While the company now sells all sorts of things including signature lines and shower mounts for handsfree fun, the Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady is the original. This is the Fleshlight that most people, including me, first experienced.

The Classic Pink Lady is large and heavy. I guess that fits with it being American. It comes in a square box that isn’t over the top. It states what is inside and that’s about it. The toy itself is made out of a very soft pink plastic. It is a long sleeve with an open end. The front is large and round and has a set of pink lips that look fairly realistic. The sleeve comes packed into a hard plastic black case that sort of looks like a flashlight. Hence the name. I guess the original idea was to be able to hide what the thing actually was, though nowadays a lot of people know that male sex toys sometimes come packaged in big black plastic containers.

A screw on lid for the front of the toy makes it easy to put away. The container isn’t only for storage however. The sleeve is meant to be used with the case on. There is a a screw cap on the back that can be opened or closed to control the amount of suction that the toy has when being used.

Review of the original fleshlight

With a big open set of lips the toy is easy to lubricate. A thin wet lube seems to work best. Fleshlight makes their own lube but I prefer to use the SOD Emotion Type Lotion that in my view is one of the best sex toy lubricants on the market today. The problem with the screw cap at the back of the Fleshlight is that lubricant can escape through it if it is too thin. It can also escape in bits when the toy is really being used. The air pushing through the toy takes specs of lube with it and they can spray out at the end. So to keep things clean it’s better to keep the lid closed, even though the toy feels a little better to use when the lid is open.

The inside of the Classic Pink Lady is totally smooth. I guess this was the first idea they came up with. It still feels good with proper lube, but it can’t match with the twists and turns of more sophisticated toys like the Zhang Xiao Yu Hole. The makers of the Fleshlight must have figured this out since subsequent toys they make have come with more complicated insides. With toys like the Pink Lady, it is up to the user to make the experience. That is possible, but a lot like wanking by hand. One of the benefits of onaholes is that they feel like something more than just a fist.

This Fleshlight is very easy to clean thanks to the big opening, straight canal, and open back. That is not a problem. They also hold up and last a while too. I had one for years. The soft pink material does break down a little bit over time. It becomes sticky and softer. Proper treatment can make it last longer. It should also be kept away from things that are made of plastic or colorful as it can ruin the toy. I set one down on a piece of newspaper and it picked up the words like Silly Putty. It didn’t mean I couldn’t use the toy anymore, but it was distracting to look down and see headlines while pumping the thing full of man meat.

The Classic Pink Lady is a legendary male sex toy in the US. There is a reason for that. It’s a good solid toy at a reasonable price. In my view there are better toys available, including some in the Fleshlight’s own line, but there is nothing really wrong with the Pink Lady and it is worth the price of purchase.

The Classic Pink Lady is available from ToyDemon and directly from Fleshlight.

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