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Published on November 24th, 2016 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Superb Fella

Review of the Superb Fella Rubber Rod

Summary: This is probably the best male masturbator ever released. It is unfortunate that it has been discontinued.



The Superb Fella, also known as the Goku Fela, is an amazing oral sex simulator released back in 2011 by A-One. Although this toy has sadly been discontinued it deserves a review since it set the stage for a whole series of Superb Fella toys that I will be reviewing in the very near future. At the time of writing the Superb Fella is at the top of my list of the ten best onaholes, which shows you just good the toy is.

Although I think the Superb Fella is absolutely fantastic I may soon remove it from the list because it is only available at one online outlet. In the near future it will probably sell out and disappear from store shelves forever. It doesn’t seem fair to crow about such an amazing toy to people who aren’t able to experience it for themselves. Perhaps at some point I will publish a list of the best onaholes of all time. If I do, this toy will surely find a place there.

Fella or fera is the Japanese word for a blowjob. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the root of this word is the English term fellatio. As English borrowed the word fellatio from the Latin term fellātus the Japanese borrowed theirs too. Through the magic of language human beings have thus been united across time and space around the description of putting a penis in a mouth and sucking.

The Superb Fella comes in a box of normal size. A photo of an attractive Japanese woman ready to such is on the front. Inside a plastic tray holds the toy along with a very small pouch of lubricant that is probably not sufficient for even a single session. Getting any real use out of this toy requires a tube of extra lube such as SOD’s Creation Type Lotion.

The Superb Fella is short and dense. This is typically an indicator of high quality. It is also among the firmest and sturdiest toys I have ever seen. It can actually stand up on its own without falling over even though it looks as if it would be top heavy. The toy is not sticky at all which means it doesn’t pick up lint even if it drops to the bed or floor after bringing you to a mind blowing orgasm.

The toy is designed to look like the bottom part of a woman’s face. It has a big open and waiting mouth that is incredibly easy to lube. An upper lip sticks out a big invitingly. A small, shorter nose sites above that doing nothing other than helping to balance the look of the thing out. Like most blowjob toys the Superb Fella has no teeth. Toothless women aren’t very attractive but I have it on good authority that give great head.

Inside of the Superb Fella’s mouth there is a hard tongue that is surprisingly pleasurable to the touch. This is followed by a series of flat lines that gives way to a set of cross grain lines. Beyond this lies a shallow throat with a sort of tight sphincter that opens up a small powdery-soft round reservoir. There is no air hole release so whatever goes in only has one way to come back out.

Review of Superb Fella blow job toy from Japan

The Superb Fella is as easy to enter as it is to lube up. It is not so easy to go deep inside however. This is no real task but a bit of a push or thrust is required to get behind the tight throat inside. The effort is definitely worth it as this is without question the best part of the toy. Anyone who has ever experienced real, tooth free deep throat knows just how great such a thing feels. Those who haven’t can either imagine or find some way to get a hold of this toy.

The first time I saw this toy I didn’t have very high expectations. It doesn’t look like much. The tongue especially didn’t strike me as anything really worth noting. My outlook totally changed the first time I used the Superb Fella. Let me say that the fella this thing gives is truly superb. The hardness of the tongue comes into play during use as it pushes up and against the bottom of the penis just like a really skilled and experienced head master.

The Superb Fella doesn’t have a very realistic appearance but looks can be deceiving. When well lubricated this toy is one of the most realistic blowjob simulators available. It gives the La Bocca Della Verita a real run for its money. I’d have a tough time choosing between the two but if I absolutely had to I think I would settle for the Superb Fella.

The Superb Fella not only looks real, it sounds real too. When used to its full potential with throat pushed open it makes noises that a real deep throater would. If you don’t believe me just compare it to any duck quaking irrumatio video online, if such things are legal in your area of course.

Best of all the toy only gets better and better as you use it. The more you thrust the more the suction builds. With lubricant applied it actually seems almost impossible to break the seal without totally pulling out of the thing. As long as it is full the suction continues and intensifies. At the end the thing is like a soft wet vacuum without the dangers of movable machinery parts.

There is even a little uvula at the top of the toy near the back that comes into play. You wouldn’t think this thing would create any sensation but somehow it does. Some other toys are loaded with all sorts of things sticking out inside that ultimately bring no real feeling at all. This toy is really designed well.

Review of Goku Fela blow job toy from Japan

As mentioned earlier the toy is quite short. This seems like it might be a hindrance but in fact it is not. It actually aids in the deep throat sensation. Surprisingly it seems almost impossible to break through the back no matter how hard you go at it. I guess the material is just so strong yet accommodating that it can handle almost anything thrown at it. The scientist who formulated it should be seriously considered for a Nobel Prize.

Most toys have an ideal method of use. They might feel good in a lot of different situations but they tend to really shine with one approach. The Superb Fella feels great at all speeds and pressures. Soft and slow feels one way. Hard and fast feels another. All are simply great.

Spinning the Superb Fella around creates at least three different sensations. They all feel good and they all feel realistic. Turning the toy upside down allows the protruding upper lip to stimulate the most sensitive part of the penis though going at it straight ahead is perhaps just a little better.

With all of this praise you might be waiting for me to point out the downsides. I try to present a balanced view but I simply cannot find anything wrong with this toy. It is even easy to clean. Since it doesn’t have an entire enlarged face at the front of the toy it can be flipped inside out with little effort or worry which allows it to be totally cleansed and dried for continued use well into the future.

The Superb Fella is so good that my penis even moved a little when writing this review. Like a super sexy woman, simply thinking of it was enough. I’m holding on to my Superb Fella for as long as I can.

Unfortunately, the Superb Fella no longer seems to be available through most of the online retailers selling male sex toys. It can still be found at OtonaJP and some shops in Tokyo though that will probably not be true in the near future.

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2 Responses to Review of the Superb Fella

  1. Juno says:

    This sounds wonderful. To receive 5 stars the pleasure must be great.
    Also i hadn’t heard of the term ‘Irrumatio’ before this review but after googling, it may be my new fetish. lol

    • Rubber Rod says:

      It’s one of the greatest sex toys ever made for men. Fittingly, irrumatio is one of the greatest activities for men too!

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