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Published on February 14th, 2019 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the ViVi Doll 01 Moe

Review of the ViVi Doll 01 Moe Rubber Rod

Summary: This great little sex doll isn't the cheapest on the market. But it is sure to provide years of pleasure with proper care.


Great Buy

The ViVi Doll 01 Moe is a very well made body modeled style onahole. It is the first toy I have ever personally encountered from the Maccos company out of Japan. After seeing this onahole, I wish I would have come across some Maccos male sex toys earlier. They are clearly a very serious outfit.

The ViVi Doll 01 comes packaged in a nice illustrated box that shows all of the toy’s features in clear detail. Inside the box, the toy itself is packed in a polystyrene foam tray. That is not something I have seen with any other toy on the market. And it helps illustrate how unique both this toy and the company that made it are.

When you unwrap the clear plastic bag, you finally have the ViVi Doll 01 in your hands. And “doll” is a good description for this toy. Because it is molded into the shape of an actual woman’s body. And it is about the size of an actual doll, as opposed to most of the small hand held toys of this type.

ViVi Doll Moe 01

The toy is flesh colored in a realistic tone. It is in the shape of a chick with small titties and a nice flat stomach. It comes complete with a molded round ass and both a pussy and an anus for penetration. The ass and pussy holes have different textures inside, but they both meet at the very end. That makes it better for both lubrication and cleaning.

At 3600 grams (7.93 pounds), the Vivi Doll 01 is not a small toy by any means. It’s even bigger than some of the full size hips out of there in terms of overall weight. As a general rule bigger is better when it comes to male sex toys. The more heft you have, the more impact the toy can take. Larger and denser toys also have more of a springy bounce back that can make it feel like the toy is actually fucking you back.

ViVi Doll Moe 01 sex toy

You can use this toy on a bed in a lay down position. You can also go at it doggy style or in a stand up position. But the ViVi really comes into its own when you use it cowgirl or Asian cowgirl. That means you either lay or sit down and have the toy on top. When you pick it up and drop it you can really get into a rhythm. Before long you barely know you are moving the toy. It seems to “come alive” and ride you with its own power once you start bouncing the thing up and down on your unit like a basketball.

The pussy hole is found between two light formed lips that are easy to get between. The asshole is nestled between two firm cheeks. The pussy has more of a twisting interior with all sorts of various odds and ends to stimulate your dick. The bunghole leads to a straighter and smoother love canal that stimulates in a different way with lots of round bumps and long raised lines. Either entry is more than capable of extracting your nut butter with ease. This toy feels so good that it can make you blow early, even if you are very experienced. But if you can train yourself enough to hold and enjoy, you can get hours of fun out of this thing with every single use.

Maybe the best feature of all about the ViVi Doll is that the soft skin like toy is molded around a hard plastic inner frame. This gives it a sort of “spine” that allows you to get more out of it than if it was just a big hunk of jelly like material. You can really go at this thing and have a wonderful time.

The ViVi Doll 01 Moe is available at OtonaJP.

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2 Responses to Review of the ViVi Doll 01 Moe

  1. Jules says:

    Hey i hope you read the comments. I was really considering buying it but
    1. its kinda expensive so i really have to be sure if its 100% worth buying.
    2. I live in germany, i know that loli artworks arent illegal (doesnt fall under underage pornography, god bless) BUT what would customs do if they find a body like that in a package. (If i remove the package)
    Thanks for an answer in advance

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