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Published on October 9th, 2019 | by Horny Harry


The Lovely & The Mischievous Sister Mini Onaholes Review

The Lovely & The Mischievous Sister Mini Onaholes Review Horny Harry

Summary: Toys Heart offer two portable and easy to use onaholes with these sister-themed toys.


Mini Onaholes

The Lovely Sister Mini Onahole and the Mischievous Sister Mini Onahole are two new small size male masturbators made by Toys Heart company in Japan.

The intention behind these masturbators is that they are portable and can be packed easily in your luggage, suitcase, pocket, underwear, pencil case, or whatever place you might need to store a small masturbator in case of an emergency erection. 

The Lovely & The Mischievous Sister Mini Onaholes

These two toys are semi-disposable, meaning they’re not intended to be a long-lasting sex toy with years of use, but they will provide a few sessions depending on how you use them. 

The Lovely & The Mischievous Sister Mini Onaholes
The Lovely Sister

They’re quite cheap too, currently selling at around $7 at the time of writing.

The packaging of these two onaholes features two lolita anime-style characters who are sisters. The blonde one is the ‘mischevious’ sister, while the darker haired one is the “lovely’ sister. 

The Lovely & The Mischievous Sister Mini Onaholes
Portable Insta-fap Onaholes

Inside the boxes are plastic bags that contain the onaholes. They are accompanied by a small pack of ToysHeart’s Vanessa Lotion Lubricant which is enough to provide a couple of uses at least. 

These two sister-themed toys look similar on the outside, with a pink coloured, smooth and rounded design. Both toys are open-ended on both ends and make up a kind of fuckable sleeve. They can be penetrated from either end, so no worrying about trying to find the correct entrance side when you’re in a hurry to bust a nut. 

The Mischievous Sisters Hole is a Little Harder

The sisters are super easy to lube up and slip inside – again, for your insta-fap convenience. 

The mischevious sister’s inner tunnel consists of a series of intertwining ridges that run in alternating directions and provides the more intense stimulation.

The Lovely & The Mischievous Sister Mini Onaholes
The Lovely Sister Onahole Gives a Softer Stimulation

The lovely sister’s hole is made up of a series of bubble-like nubs throughout and delivers a softer experience compared to her mischevious sister. 

Both toys are quite soft and stretchy so they can be made to accommodate a thicker girth and also squeezed to apply more pressure to your shaft. Using them is pretty much the same as having a wank, but the added textures and lube make it more stimulating.

The Lovely & The Mischievous Sister Mini Onaholes
The Mischievous Sister

They both feel alright. Nothing compared to the stimulation of some of the more expensive toys available, but not bad at all. I found using short strokes towards the tip was best to feel the different textures a little more, as I couldn’t differentiate too much at the base. The mischevious sister was maybe a little harder, but not by a lot.

Considering the price and small size, these aren’t too bad. Definitely better than bare-knuckle fapping, even if that doesn’t cost anything.

The Lovely Sister & The Mischievous Sister Mini Onaholes are available at Otonajp – Lovely —- Mischievous (affiliate links)

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