Navy Fit Triton Anal Beads Review

Navy Fit Triton Anal Beads Review

Good day my fellow debauchees. Today we are going to take a look at a type of toy we’ve never reviewed here at Onahole Review before; anal beads.

Obviously, they’re quite different from onaholes, but they can bring a lot of pleasure nonetheless and there are actually a few options available from Japanese makers, so why not? 

If you’ve never used an anal toy or tried any kind of anal stimulation before, you are missing out. The anus is one of the biggest erogenous zones on the body other than the main sexual organs, and there are so many pleasure-craving nerve endings there just waiting to be stimulated. 

Actually, introducing some anal play into your usual masturbation – either at the same time or prior – is a great way to make your orgasms more intense. Or put bluntly, it can help you cum harder. 

Navy Fit Triton Anal Beads Review
Navy Fit Triton Anal Beads by A-One

The anal beads I’m reviewing today are the Navy Fit Triton by A-One (Here)

This toy is over 30cm in length and features ten beads that gradually increase in size with two 9mm beads at the front, and eventually two 24mm beads at the back. It also features a nice handle for pulling these beads out easily and safely. 

Navy Fit Triton Anal Beads Review
10 Beads That Increase in Size

A-One usually makes some great masturbators with high-quality materials and build quality, and they seem to have followed that trend with this anal toy. It’s made from silicone which is soft and super easy to clean. They’re a nice deep navy-blue colour which is to follow the ‘navy’ theme I guess. 

Navy Fit Triton Anal Beads Review
About 35cm in length

The pleasure of anal beads, for the uninitiated, lies more in pulling them out of your ass (although inserting them can be fun too), whether you pull them out yourself, or have a partner do it for you. Then you pop them back in your rectum and pull them out repeatedly until you’ve reached a sufficient level of stimulation – and perhaps even a coveted prostate orgasm with a bit of practice.

The Navy Fit Triton beads would be good for a beginner as well as someone more experienced with anal toys. They provide a great massage to your sphincter and because the beads gradually increase in size, you can start small and work your way up. 

Navy Fit Triton Anal Beads Review

The smaller beads are fairly easy to insert with a little lube and once your a-hole has relaxed a bit, you can eventually ease in the larger sized beads. It’s best to start by slowly pulling these out at first and then you can increase the pace with a little more practice and confidence. 

A-One is known for making great masturbators and they’ve also made a great anal toy here following the same high standards. 

The Navy Fit Triton Anal Beads are available at otonaJP (affiliate link).

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