Male Sex Toys from Japan Puru Brain Fucker Onahole Review

Published on October 22nd, 2019 | by Horny Harry


Puru Puru Brain Fucker Onahole Review

Puru Puru Brain Fucker Onahole Review Horny Harry

Summary: The Puru Puru Brain Fucker is makes for a nice novelty - not so much a sex toy


A Head Fuck

Tama Toys. Oh, Tama Toys. If you’ve ever heard of, read about, thought up, or partook in some twisted and depraved fetish or sexual act, chances are Tama Toys have already made a sex toy based on it. 

If they haven’t, maybe send them an email and they’ll get on the case right away. 

Their most recent Toy is the Puru Puru Brain Fucker – an onahole replica of a human brain. It’s shaped like a brain, sized like a brain, weighted like a brain and fuckable, errr, like a brain.

Puru Brain Fucker Onahole Review
The Puru Brain Fucker Onahole by Tama Toys

So, yeah. Maybe we have reached a pinnacle of WTFness from Japan? For now at least. 

I can imagine Tama Toys’ toy designers sitting around discussing the idea of sapiosexualism and how it’s a growing, yet untapped market for sex toy makers. 

How could they create a toy that somehow got across the idea of fucking a smart, intelligent woman – even though there’s only the standard rubber pussy or ass to go by? 

Maybe they could put an illustration of an intelligent woman on the box, but that didn’t seem like quite enough. 

Maybe they could create a full-sex doll and make her look clever with some geeky glasses or something, but that would get expensive, and somehow also not enough. 

Then Yoshida-san, who had said nothing in the meeting previously, suddenly interjected with a passionate speech;

“Guys, you’re all looking at this wrong. Sapiosexuals aren’t too concerned about the body or the sexual parts of women, they’re attracted to and want to make love to the mind, right? So, let’s give them a mind…to fuck!”

Puru Brain Fucker Onahole Review
Puru Puru – Soft and Squishy

The rest of the Tama Toys staff stood up and started to clap and nod in approval.

Yosida-san had had a moment of genius. That was it. That was how they could market a product to sapiosexuals. 

Puru Puru is Japanese for soft, jiggly or squishy – kind of what you’d imagine a real brain to feel like. And the Brain Fucker is certainly Puru Puru! 

It weighs 1.4 kilos, which, uncoincidentally, is the same weight as the average human brain. 

Puru Brain Fucker Onahole Review

There aren’t any images of the inner tunnel design of the Brain Fucker on the box. I imagine this is because there isn’t any, it’s literally just a tube.

It doesn’t provide much stimulation at all aside from the fact that it’s kind of tight and a little different than having your penis dangling in the air. 

Puru Brain Fucker Onahole Review
Well, yep, that’s where you insert your penis

It’s a shame that the outer brain-tube design wasn’t copied within the inner tunnel, because as freaky as it sounds, it would offer more stimulation. 

The shape of the brain makes it easy to hold and fuck, which is kind of a mind-fuck (easy pun) considering that it’s not really worth fucking. 

Hentai Male Masturbator

I suppose the aim of this toy is more on the novelty side then than the fucking side then. 

So in conclusion, I think this toy would suit anyone who wants a good joke toy to make their friends laugh with or a good Halloween novelty piece. 

Or, if you’re so fucked in the head (these puns write themselves) that fucking something resembling a real cerebrum appeals to you, even if it offers little stimulation. 

Puru Puru Brain Fucker is available at otonaJP.

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