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Published on September 12th, 2020 | by Sean


Beautiful Beast – Review

Beautiful Beast – Review Sean

Summary: Enjoying time spent with a tight and muscular Amazon maid


You’ve heard of Beauty and the Beast but what about Beautiful Beast by Tama Toys? This bright pink onahole will certainly keep you erect with what it has in store inside for you. It’s one of those onaholes that won’t want to let you go once you’re inside of it and one you wouldn’t want to leave. As to be expected from a athletic bodybuilder themed onahole based on a very muscular, busty, and tanned Amazon maid.

If you’ve read doujins with muscle girls in them, like the Beautiful Beast, then you know when the MC sticks himself in them he usually feels himself wrapped up in tight muscles that only increases the pleasure. There’s lots of pressure felt when the MC moves around and each bump inside the girl makes the now sensitive MC super excited and can’t stop doing the piston. Get ready to feel the same way.

As the maker of Beautiful Beast is Tama Toys then you know they put lots of thought into making the new onahole.

The onahole comes in your standard rectangular box with a picture of a “Beautiful Beast” on it. What’s nice is you get some extra information on your lovely Amazon maid, like her name is Sera and her three sizes are 103-64-95. She also likes to train. Of course she loves you, her master. This is all important things to know about your very special maid who attends to your very special needs.

At 14.5cm (5.7 inches) this onahole might not be the best for the more well endowed master but you can think of it as the Amazon having a tighter entry hole instead due to how muscular she is.

Your Amazon is surprisingly light weight for someone with so much muscle at 10.9 ounces. I can think of that as she likes to be on top to make sure you feel great on the bottom.

There’s just one entry way into this onahole but that’s all you need. Once you enter you’ll find a nice tight entryway that immediately start to envelope you. Wish so many ribs inside the onahole and so close together you’ll be able to feel each one as it goes up and down. The pressure from just the onahole alone with make you feel good and you can only imagine the additional pressure you get when you squeeze it on top of yourself.

The onahole itself is pretty plain but a nice shade of pink. Perhaps all tanned Amazons are such a nice pink on the inside.

Although a bit plainer on the inside compared to other onaholes the price is great for this onahole. So you’ll get the satisfaction you want at a price that won’t break the bank. Definitely great value for your money.

As it’s mostly straightforward too it’s not as hard to clean which is good considering how many times you would use it. The ribs on the inside do require a little extra work to clean but again, not too hard to do.

If you like to have great tight pressure wrapped around you with immediate satisfaction and long last lasting as well then this onahole is for you.

The Beautiful Beast is available at otonaJP.

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