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Published on September 5th, 2020 | by Sean


UBU Review

UBU Review Sean

Summary: A experience with a virgin that will last you a long while that you'll never forget.


The UBU is part of the Virgin Onahole series by PPP. It is one of two currently available. You’d normally think losing ones virginity is a once in a lifetime experience but with this onahole you can keep feeling that tight embrace of a virgin over and over again. With its special flexible material and special inner lining with different lines, ribs, and sections you’ll keep getting that new feeling every time you use it. Enjoy the forever virgin.

PPP has a decent line up of toys to satisfy the needs of anyone and they added this one to fulfill your hearts desire of deflowering a virgin. Isn’t that sweet? I mean, you hear about stories of people paying thousands or even a million dollars to deflower a virgin but you get to do it constantly for much, much less with this onahole. Save the money and spend it on something else to enjoy, like food and games.

The UBU comes in a standard box with picture of the virgin you’re about to enter on the front. It’s a special illustration you can use to your imagination as you keep stroking away. If you have another “virgin” in mind by all means use them as fap material too. That’s what’s nice about the human imagination, you can make fap material out of anyone and anything. You’re only limited to your imagination.

The backside of the box shows off the design off the onahole, including the “gyu and kyu” areas that’ll you feel the most pleasure at (the front and end of the toy). You can see from the image the different cavities and inner linings that’ll give you a great feeling with each area you can reach.

At 150mm x 80mm it won’t be that hard to reach the tip of the hole, which might feel a little disappointing for the well endowed length wise but the inner lining makes up for it. The onahole weighs 400g so it’ll give you a definite feel to it with each stroke to give you that more realistic feel while still being comfortable.

There’s just one hole to penetrate though and with some lube it won’t be hard to slip all the way to the end while maintaining constant back and forth for your maximum pleasure. You can grip different areas of the onahole to give you more pleasure. Try gripping it it different areas and with different pressure to give you that virgin feeling. By doing that you’re changing the shape of the inner lining to give you a different experience each time. Not all virgins are alike after all.

I’m not sure if it’s just me but the way the outer portion of the onahole is made reminds me of Wonder Woman’s clothing. It’s pretty funny to think about that as it makes me wonder about Wonder Woman’s own virginity…again more fap material to think about while you’re using the onahole. The outer lining does give a good grip for your hand to wrap around and yet soft to hold at the same time for that more “flesh” feeling.

The one caveat of the different inner linings is the harder difficulty to clean as there are so much more ridges, bumps, and cavities to thoroughly go through for a hygienic next deflowering. At least the material is durable and stretchy so you can make sure all the nooks and crannies will be cleaned while still remaining durable for more uses in the future.

Get the UBU to experience a virgin with every use and don’t forget to use your imagination for who to deflower next.

The UBU is available at otonaJP.

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