Girl in the Box Onahole: Hard Edition Review

A review of a classic toy by Magic Eyes today. The Girl in the Box Hakotzume Musume Hard Edition – here – is an onahole that I have wanted to try for some time. Between trying and reviewing newer toys and life, I just didn’t get round to it, but thankfully otonaJP asked if there’s anything I’d like to try and I took the opportunity to fulfil my curiosity. 

The reason I’ve wanted to try the Girl in the Box Hakotzume Musume Hard Edition so much, other than it being a Magic Eyes product, is that it features a fairly unique theme and physical design. 

The theme is, as the name suggests, a girl in a box. And also as the name suggests, this is the hard version of the original, softer Girl in the Box Hakotzume Musume – here. I have a not tried the original version as I usually prefer the hard type versions of onaholes if given the option.

Girl in the Box Hakotzume Musume Hard Edition Onahole by Magic Eyes

One of the best things about this onahole is the box design. It’s one of the most intricately and detailed box designs I have seen for a male masturbator, matched only by a few other toy boxes also made by Magic Eyes. There are plenty of smaller details such as graffiti inside the box written by the girl and a gimmick on the side where you can see the girl inside the box.

Not only is the artwork top-notch with the sexy anime-style girl locked in inside, but the actual design of the box allows you to open it and free the trapped girl from within – before using her bound body and pussy as you please. 

The Girl in the Box Hakotzume Musume Hard Edition is a fairly heft medium size handheld male masturbator weighing 600 grams. It features a mini-torso design, meaning that it replicates a girls body with tummy, ass, and breasts (and arms in this case) albeit at a much scaled-down size. Some of these mini-torso design onaholes are rather basic and not that much more appealing than a basic onahole, but the Girl in the Box is beautifully crafted with a pleasant shape, curves and smaller details such as the arms behind the back and the shoulder blades.

The inner tunnel is made up of a separate material to the exterior of the toy. It’s a fairly simple tunnel design, but it’s made up of a spongey texture running throughout which provides a lot of padding, keeping the tube quite snug. The sheer mass of all the condensed materials in this tunnel, as well as the outside of the toy, make it superb for going hard, fast and deep. It also remains pretty quiet even with big strokes because of the density.

A fair bit of lubricant will be required to slip inside and use this onahole as the entrance hole is quite tight. You’ll need to prod, poke and push and fiddle your way inside, but that tight entrance also provides a nice squeezing sensation so it’s an acceptable small nuisance.

As mentioned, the inner tunnel is not too complex, but the tightly packed spongey materials within do a superb job of smothering and gripping your member which results in some awesome stimulation. The weight and build quality also means you can confidently and comfortably pump away as hard or as slowly as you like without the worry of damaging it too much. Of course, there’s always the possibility of damaging or tearing a blob of rubber if you get stupid with it, but this toy can take quite a hammering if desired.

Girl in the Box Hakotzume Musume Hard Edition Onahole by Magic Eyes

The Girl in the Box Hakotzume Musume Hard Edition isn’t exactly cheap at around $54 (with otonaJP at time of writing), but it’s a hefty piece of rubber pussy with a typically superb build quality from Magic Eyes, a decent level of stimulation, and one of the best onahole box designs you’ll ever likely see.

The Girl in the Box Hakotzume Musume Hard Edition is available at OtonaJP.

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