Hon Mono Onahole Review

The Hon Mono Onahole – here – is a unique handheld male masturbator made by G-Project in Japan. It weighs around 400grams and is presented as a premium toy, so it has a slightly higher price point than other toys of the same size.

Hon Mono means “real thing” so I guess the intent of this toy is to provide a realistic sensation because there isn’t much “real” about it visually. It’s a super soft and “fluffy” toy that is made to “melt” around you as you push inside and features a unique curved tunnel design which is meant to provide further stimulation as well as mimic a natural vaginal curve somewhat. 

The box is a bright pink design and there’s a girl on the front wearing nothing but jean shorts and looking at you in a “come-fuck-me” manner. It’s an okay box design – not amazing, not horrible. 

The exterior of the Hon Mono is quite strange looking, and I don’t really know what it is meant to represent, especially since the theme is “real thing”. It has buttock-like protrusions surrounding the entrance tunnel, that resemble more of an ass than a vagina which is again strange as it’s a vagina based toy. There is also a grip/handle design on the outside, which, while it is useful for gripping and handling the toy, I have no idea what the design is meant to be. 

The Hon Mono has a weighty feel as the 400grams of weight is packed into a rather compact mould. The colour of the toy is a soft pink (almost white) colour. It has a slight powdered feel but not so much that it rubs off or feels bad. It is also not too sticky and there is barely any smell from the toy which is one of the main things this onahole advertises on its box and product page. 

The first three-quarters of the tunnel are rather snug and made up of thick rings throughout. There is a cervix-like chamber at the very end of the inner tunnel that G-Project call a “real pocket”. This pocket is made up of a separate dark pink material to the rest of the toy and aims to provide stimulation to the tip of your penis.

This is one of the softest toys I have experienced in terms of holding it in your hand, squeezing, and it melting around your dick as you push in. The ribbed part of the tunnel offers a nice sensation that is not too strong, but when you get to the end, that tight ring entrance to the cervix chamber surrounds the head of your penis and provides a greater stimulation. There are a few cervix/womb penetration toys out there, but this one has done it better than any other that I have experienced.

There’s also some nice suction from the toy which keeps all that soft material firmly wrapped around your shaft, ensuring it stays pleasurable. Together with the pocket at the back relentlessly popping around the end of your penis, the result is a very good and quite a unique experience. While the overall stimulation of the Hon Mono isn’t too strong, it can lead to some super intense orgasms due to the head stimulation. 

The material feels very good and high-quality, and there are no loud squelchy noises as you stroke. There’s obviously a little noise due to the lube and air pockets etc, but nothing compared to some of the obscene noises that other onaholes make. That’s a nice positive if the noise annoys you or you need a toy that can remain fairly quiet as you use it. It also seems quite durable and should last a fair length of time with good care. 

The theme of the Hon Mono is a little confusing as is the exterior design, but the stimulation it delivers is very good. The tunnel is a little on the short side, but the curve helps, as does the fact that your head will penetrate that pocket on every stroke ensuring that you’re sufficiently stimulated. 

Overall, this is a very good onahole in terms of sensations, especially if you’re after a cervical penetration experience, which the Hon Mono does better than any other toy I know of. 

The Hon Mono Onahole is available at otonaJP (affiliate link).

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