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Published on April 30th, 2018 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Geki Fera Vacuum Rin Sakuragi

Review of the Geki Fera Vacuum Rin Sakuragi Rubber Rod

Summary: This isn't the best blowjob stimulator ever made. It's not even the best toy NPG has made. But it is good.


Good Buy

The Geki Fera Vacuum Rin Sakuragi is a blowjob simulator toy based on Japanese porn star Rin Sakuragi. The toy is manufactured by the famed NPG company that is also behind such esteemed male masturbators as the previously reviewed Yen Jyu Yi hole and the well-regarded Zhang Xiao Yu Meiki. Not every toy NPG releases is fantastic, but the vast majority of them are pretty damn great.

The Geki Fera Vacuum Rin Sakuragi comes packed in a large matte box. The box is decorated with pictures of Rin Sakuragi and her open and waiting mouth along with some illustrations of the toy. The pictures are placed to show the similarities between the actual Rin Sakuragi and the toy, but the reality is that they are not all that similar. You can’t really expect a relatively inexpensive toy like this to be anything like getting a real blowjob from a sexy professional like Rin though, so I doubt this fact prevents anyone from purchasing the product.

The Geki Fera Vacuum Rin Sakuragi toy itself is around the same size as most blowjob simulators from Japan such as La Bocca Della Verita. It looks like them too, with a molded face complete with nose, lips and tongue. The face is bigger than the rest of the toy, with the back tapering into a flat tube that you would expect from an onahole. The outside is lined with a few rings that could potential help with gripping the toy.

Geki Fera blowjob toy

The inside of the mouth contains a tough red tongue. The Geki Fera Vacuum Rin Sakuragi is a dual layer toy so the tongue is a different color than the rest of the toy. It is also independent of the rest of the toy but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have a life of its own like the tongue in the Superb Fella which almost comes alive and licks you while you’re using the toy.

Most male masturbators from Japan come with lubricants though it is usually limited to a small pouch or bottle. The Geki Fera Vacuum Rin Sakuragi comes with a full bottle of lubricant that seems designed to mimic a mixture of Rin Sakuragi’s saliva and some of the semen of the many men she has sucked off on film over the years. The lube is actually quite good. It is is thick and dense and it provides a lot of sloppy slide. At the same time, it’s not too messy at all.

The toy unfortunately isn’t as good as the lubricant it is packed with. It’s not bad at all, it just doesn’t stand out from the pack at all. It doesn’t necessarily feel much like a real blowjob either, even with copious amounts of synthetic saliva filling the oral cavity provided.

Geki Fera blowjob toy

The inside lacks the kind of textures, twists and turns that make some of the other blowjob estimators on the market so good. Instead it is sort of a plain Jane cock sock that is good enough to pump off in without blowing your mind. You could use this toy, have a nice orgasm, then forget about it. A blowjob simulator like the aforementioned Superb Fella on the other hand, keeps you wanting more and more.

I don’t want to be all too harsh on the Geki Fera Vacuum Rin Sakuragi. It is not a bad toy at all. It is pleasurable to use and it’s easy both to lube up and clean out. It seems somewhat durable too, considering the price. At the same time I have a vast experience with numerous other holes to compare this toy too, and it frankly doesn’t stand up to some of the competition.

In summary, I’d rather have the Geki Fera Vacuum Rin Sakuragi than just my hand, but if I had my druthers, I would take a blowjob simulator like the Superb Fella or Mouth of Truth over all.

The Geki Fera Vacuum Rin Sakuragi is available at Kanojo Toys.

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2 Responses to Review of the Geki Fera Vacuum Rin Sakuragi

  1. Joe says:

    Hmm I wonder if the Aika version of this is more or less the same from reviews I’ve read online its pretty mixed though some say no suction which is obvious since there is no “vacuum chamber” or that it hurts their unit due to the tongue’s texture. I’ve yet to buy a BJ simulator type onahole and finding a Superb Fella is quite hard since only a few sellers have them.

    • Rubber Rod says:

      Most blowjob simulators are lacking. The Geki is a bit weird inside. It may indeed be the texture of the tongue causing the strange sensations. The Superb Fella is the best, but as you said it’s getting more difficult to find. The Bocca Della Verita is a very good alternative.

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