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Review of the Haruka Namiki Premium Hole

Review of the Haruka Namiki Premium Hole Rubber Rod

Summary: This toy isn't bad, but it doesn't really stand out from the crowd either. It is frankly nothing special.



The Haruka Namiki Premium Hole is one of the many onaholes from Japan based on a Japanese porn actress. As the name would suggest, this toy is based on Haruka Namiki. You’d be forgiven if you haven’t heard of her as she only emerged on the scene recently. Still, she is quite popular in Japan. If you check out her videos it’s pretty easy to tell why.

The Haruka Namiki Premium Hole is manufactured by the well regarded KMP Produce brand. They are the same company that created the previously reviewed Rei Mizuna Devil Blowjob. They seem to have a thing for sex toys based on real people, and who could fault them for that?

For the most part, toys by KMP seem to be pretty average. The Haruka Namiki Premium Hole is no exception, even if Haruka-chan herself is anything but “mid range”. It’s not that there is anything wrong with the toy. It just doesn’t stand out from the crowd, and at this point, what a crowd it is!

The Haruka Namiki Premium Hole comes packed in a standard sized cardboard box. It is covered with pictures of Haruka including one of her bent over in a leopard print thong that really shows off her assets. She’s a babe.

Inside the box the flesh colored onahole is packed with a metallic packet of lubricant that doesn’t do much or go very far. The toy itself is on the small side for a full size onahole. It’s no Tenga Pocket but it’s probably only half as large as a truly premium onahole such as the Zhang Xiao Yu.

Haruka Namiki Premium Hole review

The front of the onahole is larger than the rest of the toy. It has two small molded labia around the opening but they are purely visual as they don’t add anything to the feel of the thing in use. In between the lips sits a small round hole that serves as the entrance. The outside of the toy has some raised ridges that help with grip.

The toy is easy to lube up with a bottle of lubricant such as the Pepee Original Lotion that comes with a narrow tip. Trying to lube the thing by hand or with the packet of lube provided isn’t nearly as easy. Inside the toy contains various textures but none are all too definable or inspiring.

For one that has never used an onahole the Haruka Namiki Premium Hole might even feel spectacular. But for others like me that have been through the best of whats on offer, the toy doesn’t do much at all. It is possible to pump the thing to completion but that’s also possible with a bare hand full of Wankers Lotion.

The Haruka Namiki Premium Hole isn’t all that easy to clean. The entrance is just a small hole and the interior can be a pain to flush out. I imagine the toy is fairly durable though it is not of a very high quality so at some point it would probably start to break down.

Overall the toy doesn’t live up to the high standards set by the appearance and performance of Haruka Namiki herself. Perhaps the forthcoming Haruka Namiki Legend of the Princess toy will make up for it. Only time will tell.

The Haruka Namiki Premium Hole is available at Love is Love.

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