Male Sex Toys from Japan Review of Tia's onahole

Published on July 19th, 2015 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Tia Onahole

Review of the Tia Onahole Rubber Rod

Summary: This high quality toy produces a very realistic feeling that is sure to please all manner of men.


Great Buy

The Tia Onahole which is labeled as the “Tia Onaho!” is a high quality male masturbator based on the popular Japanese porn actress Tia. It comes a nice box with pictures of the actress and includes the usual packet of lube. Uniquely it comes with a storage bag with air holes. The “Onaho!” series produced by the King company is generally good and this edition is no exception.

The toy has a good quality and nice density even though it isn’t very big around. It is also soft but that’s good in this case since it means the thing feels more like real skin. It’s a bit longer than the average man’s meat so there is plenty of room to take the plunge though it doesn’t take much to hit the end of the toy when going at it hard. The first round hole leads to a tight ring just inside followed by three ridges around where the g-spot would be in a real woman. The end of the canal has a round cup like reservoir. The molded pussy lips on the outside are only for looks as they add nothing to the sensation. Still the appearance is pretty good and the lips and interior have a different color than the skin toned exterior which adds to the realism.

This toy only has one opening in the front. There is no air hole in the back. This is common among good toys from Japan. The ring just inside the hole helps to build suction which always feels great. This does produce a bit of sucking sound. That doesn’t matter to me but it is something worth mentioning since some guys might be trying to sneak off shots without anyone knowing. Don’t get me wrong, the sound isn’t outrageous but it is there.

For whatever reason this toy does tend to dry out fairly quickly when compared with other onaholes on the market. Because of that a lot of lube is needed to have a really good session. At times I had to reapply to keep things going. The additional lube can add to the sound the toy produces.

Review of Tia's Onaho! Japanese sex toy

Although the nobs and ridges inside can’t be distinguished when using the Tia Onahole the feeling it gives is pretty close to the real thing. Experienced guys could certainly tell the difference but it is a very good replication for something made out of synthetic material. The toy also feels real when used inside of a doll though it is a little lose without the application of a firm hand grip on the outside.

The Tia hole warms up well through regular use but it is also great when paired with an onahole warmer. You can also spin it around to produce different sensations. In my opinion it feels twice as good when turned sideways and four times as good when turned upside down and used “doggy style”. It’s also great for head work when using short strokes. All in all this toy got me harder than most have been able to do. This is a good indication since that kind of response is purely instinctual and not based on any intellectual notions which can be effected by any number of things.

The toy cleans easily and the fact that it dries out quickly makes things even easier in that regard. I can have it ready to be put up for storage a lot faster than I can with most other toys of the same size. It is also one of the cheapest toys around which is really something considering how good it is.

The Tia Onahole is available at OtonaJP.

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