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Published on June 8th, 2017 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Meiki Cherry Hip 2

Review of the Meiki Cherry Hip 2 Rubber Rod

Summary: Able to take serious and continued use without losing its ability to create amazing sensations, this round bottom is built to last.


Great Buy

Obviously main focus of this site is onaholes, but all sorts of male sex toys and accessories are reviewed here. That includes “hips” which is a term used for male sex toys from Asia that large and shaped like women’s backsides.

The Meiki Cherry 2 is one of the finest hips being sold anywhere today. When the ZKG Hip started selling out everywhere I was glad to find the Meiki Cherry 2. The ZKG once sat on my list of the ten best onaholes, but the Meiki Cherry is now listed in its place.

As the name would suggest, the Meiki Cherry 2 is manufactured by KOKOS, the same South Korean company that makes the earlier Cherry hips. This is an upgraded version of that well known toy. A lot has been improved.

The Meiki Cherry 2 comes back in a big square box that weighs over 6 pounds. The box is mainly covered in white space but there are some pictures of the toy along with its name specifications. Inside, the hip rests on a plastic platter waiting to be discovered.

The hip is large but not life size. It is firm and thick, made of a soft rubber that is denser than human skin but somehow still lifelike. The whole thing is covered in a fine powder that helps preserve the material. The Meiki Cherry 2 has a lower back, a butt, and the beginnings of two legs. In the appropriate places there are a vaginal opening and a puckered anus. The vagina has little molded lips and a clit but it only looks partly realistic.

Both entry holes are fairly small. Lubing them up for use is easiest when done with an applicator bottle. The bottle that PePee Original Lotion comes in is perfect. Some other lubricants are harder to get into the holes. Squeezing the hip then pushing in the lube works best. When the squeeze is removed, the toy sort of “drinks up” the lubricant.

Review of the Meiki Cherry 2 hip sex toy

The Meiki Cherry 2 is very high quality. You can tell just by feeling it. Inside the two holes lead to deep love tunnels that wind their way through the toy. The vaginal tunnel is filled with ridges and twists and ends just after a rigid g spot. The anal cavity is lined with tight rings all the way back, just like the real thing. It also has some lightly textured ridges going the other way too. These only help with the realism. As is the case with most high quality male masturbators, the ends of the tunnels are closed. There are no air holes or anything like that.

The Meiki Cherry 2 is a hip with some real bulk. It can be laid on a bed and done like a love doll. It can also be held with two hands and used cowgirl style. At the same time, the toy is actually compact enough to be used like a regular, albeit heavy, onahole. It is quite possible to palm the Meiki Cherry 2 with one hand and bounce it up and down while in the sitting position. In fact, this is one of the most enjoyable ways to use the thing.

Arguably, using the toy doggy style may be even better. Grabbing the toy with both hands and really pounding away at it is something to experience. This sort of action just isn’t possible with onaholes and so it is here where hips really come into their own.

Meiki Cherry 2 male masturbator

Doing the pussy hole of the Meiki Cherry 2 doesn’t create the most realistic sensations, but it does create good feelings. It’s also a lot of fun. The anus is a lot more realistic. It is nice to have both options and even to go back and forth between the two with reckless abandon.

I have no complaints about the Meiki Cherry 2 whatsoever, though cleaning the toy is a little tougher than usual. It is quite possible to squirt water inside using a faucet or shower, but having something like an onahole enema on hand makes things a lot easier.

The toy is sturdy enough to stand up by itself and drip dry, but the small entries and deep holes mean that some water fails to escape when left alone. A little effort is required to dry the inside of the toy out, but since it’s so nice to use this isn’t all that much to ask.

On the plus side, the toy is incredibly well made and durable. Even after repeated uses it shows little to no signs of wear and tear at all. It is definitely made to last.

The Meiki Cherry 2 is available at Toy Demon.

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4 Responses to Review of the Meiki Cherry Hip 2

  1. Dark Homer 17 says:

    Hello, I was wondering could you put panties on this to add some spice from using it? I currently have the Cocolo and it is just shy of 2-3 inches width wise to fit panties well. Great review, by the way! These hips look nice and solid.

    • Rubber Rod says:

      Hi. The hip is definitely nice and firm! I think you could get a pair of panties on it but I can’t be sure. I don’t have any laying around. It might be an inch or two too narrow, but there has to be some kind of panties that would fit.

  2. Dark Homer 17 says:

    Hmm, I would say check out, they have some sexy looking panties. I have these and they almost fit Cocolo (5.9 inches width). Since the Cherry has a a width of 9 inches, I think it can be a good match. Something you can try out, if you do get a chance to use panties, is to take out your member and tag the panties.

    • Rubber Rod says:

      Thanks for the tip. I’ll take a look, but to be honest I am more into the feel than the visual element. I usually throw away my onahole boxes as soon as I get them!

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