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Published on October 6th, 2016 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Jyuku-jo: Old Lady Star Shoda Chisato

Review of the Jyuku-jo: Old Lady Star Shoda Chisato Rubber Rod

Summary: Although this toy is modeled after an older woman it is totally modern. This is one of the most realistic holes available.


Great Buy

Japan is famed for its supposedly weird sexual scene. Things like tentacle porn have become memes on the internet. Some people love it. Some people scorn it. Most are indifferent. A few understand that things aren’t always as weird as they seem. Or at least that the weird things aren’t as common as some spectators would like to make them seem.

That doesn’t mean that there is nothing out of the ordinary going on however. Especially from a conservative Western perspective.

In the time that this website has been online I have already reviewed male sex toys with pregnant lady and overweight woman themes. I guess more people are banging large ladies than pregnant chicks but probably the “big beautiful woman” fetish isn’t particularly popular in any part of the world. I could be wrong.

Then again what is normal? When it comes to sex, not much. The Japanese would find things like nude bike rides in the US and Europe to be quite strange. Surely a lot of people in rural America and Poland would too. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.

The MILF or cougar theme has become increasingly popular at least in the US over the last few years. A lot of people say it all kicked off with Stiffler’s mom in the movie American Pie. I think it started way before that. Mrs. Robinson anyone?

The Jyuku-jo – Old Lady Star Shoda Chisato is a Japanese MILF themed onahole manufactured by the NPG company. As the name suggests the toy is modeled after mature adult model Shoda Chisato who in my humble opinion is more mom than amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I would still slip her the old meat stick. I just don’t think she is particularly beautiful or sexy.

With that said I must make clear that male sex toys don’t always match up to their themes. Millions agree that Maria Ozawa was one of the hottest porn stars ever but her toys didn’t always match up to the hype. I think Rumika is really hot too but her toy isn’t that great at all. In fact it has little to do with her outside of the appearance of her name and likeness on the packaging.

Shoda Chisato Japanese milf sex toy review

Things can go the other way too. I’m not into fat women at all but an onahole based on chubby chicks is on my list of the top ten onaholes. The same goes for the toy based on a chick with a bun in the over.

The Jyuku-jo is based on a decidely average looking adult model but it is actually quite spectacular on its own.

The Shoda Chisato is a large onahole packed in a large box. The toy is skin colored with the exception of the expertly molded lips. These lips look real in part thanks to them having a darker color than the rest of the toy. Oddly however this color falls off with one or two uses. This is totally out of character for a Japanese sex toy in this (or really any) price range though thankfully it doesn’t interfere with use of the toy at all.

The outside of the Old Lady Star is skin toned and in fact feels quite a bit like real skin. The realness is limited a bit by things like an engraved autograph and stamp on the exterior but I doubt anyone cares much at all.

The toy is long and has a decided firmness even though there is a difficult to explain looseness to the thing. This combined with the wrinkles on the outer lips and the floppy meat flaps at the front of the toy are really reminiscent of an older woman and should get the juices flowing for real MILF fans. I can go either way on ladies of a certain age so these aspects don’t do much for me. I’m more into the overall feelings the toy creates.

The toy has a small round entrance hole near the bottom of the unit. It is easy to lube though I would like it to be a little higher. I’m not sure if this is a design flaw or the way the toy was meant to be.

Inside of the hole there is a series of ridges that is followed by all sorts of indescribable odds and ends. Toward the back the canal twists and turns into a soft and undefined ending. Ultimately it feels a hell of a lot like a real vagina to the finger and as I will go on to explain the penis too.

Shoda Chisato Japanese milf sex toy review

This MILF star toy is incredibly soft. Using it doesn’t necessarily feel like penetrating an older woman specifically though it does definitely feel like being inside of a real woman’s vagina. While some toys have a rubbery or springy feeling this thing quickly warms up and provides a soft and supple pocket of passion that is quite like the real thing. It is a bit looser than a lot of toys but so are most pussies.

Because the toy is so soft and accommodating you can really go hard at it. Going long is no issue either. Guys of average size can bump into the back wall but it’s no real issue. Even extremely well hung guys would find it tough to break through.

The Jyuku-jo has the right fit and feel to be used well in a love doll that allows for onaholes to be inserted inside. Although it is a little large, the toy is not too big to be used in this way. When properly fit inside a pumper pillow it is a great match that creates an almost overabundance of realism.

Spinning the toy around doesn’t create much in the way of different sensations though it is quite good to go at the thing from any angle. It does warm up and create a fair share of friction however so a decent amount of lubricant is needed. It’s best to start out with quite a bit of the wet stuff and keep applying as the session goes on.

The best way to describe the sensations created by this toy without repeating the word “real” again would be to say that it is a very comfortable experience. This is a toy that can give you a lot of enjoyment and bring you to orgasm without totally shaking the foundations of your world and leaving you drained for the rest of the day. Because of that, it is great for long relaxing sessions. Going nuts deep in the Jyuku-jo is a way to really unwind.

The toy is also very easy to clean, The soft material and open hole allow for water and soap to easily go in and back out. It dries well on its own too. Although the color on the lips wears off quickly as mentioned the rest of the toy seems to be built to last. The material does have a tendency to get sticky over time but that’s true of many realistic toys. There are ways around it and with a great male masturbator like this, they are worth seeking out.

The Jyuku-jo – Old Lady Star Shoda Chisato is available at OtonaJP

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