Male Sex Toys from Japan Review of Pregnant Girl male masturbator from Japan

Published on April 6th, 2016 | by Rubber Rod


Review of The Pregnant Girl

Review of The Pregnant Girl Rubber Rod

Summary: You don't have to be into chicks with babies in them to get into this toy.


Great Buy

The Pregnant Girl from Japanese adult toy maker TamaToys clearly demonstrates why Japan has developed a reputation as a place where strange sexual fetishes dominate. At the same time it is also a good of example of why such fetishes gain popularity.

The Pregnant Woman comes in a larger than normal box that is decorated in full color cartoon images showing a knocked up chick who is ready to keep going through the motions even though she already has a bun in the oven.

Inside the toy is wrapped in plastic and paired with a tube of the same Super Tama Lube that comes with a lot of other toys from the company.

The toy itself is on the large size , rivaling the Maria Ozawa hole in length and weight. It is obviously not the same size as an actual pregnant woman and the vagina isn’t scale with the rest of the body but otherwise the thing looks fairly realistic considering what it is.

The Pregnant Girl has a lot of detail. This extends right down to the little tits molded on the front of the unit that even have their own accurate looking nipples. This isn’t just a gimmick. The boobies and nipples are actually fun to play with, especially when using the toy.

Other details include a molded spinal cord indentation and shoulder blades. The toy even has a line down the belly between the belly button and the entrance hole. This is just like a real pregnant woman and shows that TamaToys is committed to going the extra mile and making quality products.

Pregnant Japanese girl masturbator

The unit does have a small anus where it should but this is for decoration only. It cannot be penetrated.

The Pregnant Girl is easy to lubricate though it does have a small vaginal entrance. Inside the hole there are some small rings and nodules that are followed by a series of rings. That is all followed by a set of spirals that end up in a large internal reservoir lined with tiny nobs.

Getting into the toy is no problem. The various odds and ends inside the love tunnel can’t be individually felt but they do combine to create an excellent sensation. What’s more, the toy has more heft than nearly any other and it is easy to grip thanks to its unique curvy external shape.

The molding and detail comes into play during use. The perfectly shaped butt cheeks softly bang against the body when the toy is spun around and used “doggy style” from behind. The breasts can even be manipulated with the same hand that moves the toy up and down.

Review of the pregnant girl onahole sex toy

The Pregnant Girl does make some noise though it is certainly not the loudest onahole around. Pushing in and out produces a distinct sucking sound that any ona fanatic would know but other person may not recognize at first listen. Anyone trying to be discreet would probably not have a problem though some care would have to be given.

The heft and density of the Pregnant Girl allows the toy to be used hard and long without issue. Even when going full on and making long strokes it would be difficult or impossible for a man of average means to go through the side walls or back. This is probably one of the most durable onaholes available.

That extends to washing and reusing too. The toy is a little tougher than some others to wash since it can’t be turned inside out but those who are willing to put in a little extra effort to get soap and water inside the canal will be rewarded with a lot of replay capability. I haven’t been able to destroy or even damage the toy and I’m something like a pro.

This is a great toy. Its out of the ordinary theme and shape takes second stage to its quality and durability, not to mention the incredible feelings it can provide. There is a reason the Pregnant Girl is featured in my list of The Ten Best Onaholes.

The Pregnant Girl is available at Kanojo Toys.

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